It’s tempting to play dress up just like what our favorite celebrities do when they arrive at an airport. While there’s nothing wrong about strutting your new pair of boots and high-waist pants that complement your best carry-on luggage when you check-in at the airport, you might still want to consider comfort and function when planning your airport attire.

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Here Are Some Do”s and Don’ts

Do: Sport a pair of zip-up boots

If you really can’t help but put your best ‘foot’ forward, wear your trusty pair of zip-up boots to the airport. It is stylish enough and can be paired with almost anything. Apart from the fact that it can make you look good, it’s also very convenient during security inspections especially when
the airport you are in requires passengers to remove their shoes.

Also I am wearing heavy boots so the perfect  way to bring them along. These zip up on the side easy to take on and off.

Dr Martens boots stomping in at number three,

Do: Wear Clothes With Pockets

You don’t want to keep the immigration officer waiting while you find your boarding pass or your passport somewhere in your bag. In that case, there are only two scenarios waiting to happen one, the immigration officer gets annoyed and will hold your departure, and two, you will be late for your boarding.

If you don’t want that to happen, wear something with pockets where you can store important documents like IDs, passport and boarding pass. You can always go for the trendy oversized jackets or a pair of pants that has a big pocket big enough for your documents.

The oversized jacket I am wearing here is has huge pockets and I put all my valuables in my pockets when going through security.

Large pockets  allows me to take extra accessories that never get weighed. Under pressure through security I know they are safe in the large pockets.  

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Bentley Bentayga SUV V8 Gracie Opulanza 2019

Do: Take a nice pair of Sun Glasses

Who said you can only wear a pair of oversized eye wear when hitting the beach? A cute pair of sunglasses can be your best cover-up for your panda eyes, especially when you’ve had zero sleep the night before your flight because of excitement. With this accessory, eye make up is the least of your problems.

These eye wear are very versatile throughout the season.


Do: Layer-up

With the weird changes in weather nowadays, the best that we can do is to layer-up when travelling abroad. We can’t always predict the weather and weather sites are not always accurate. Be ready to either put on your jacket when it starts to get cold or remove it when the heat is unbearable.

Air-conditioning in the airport and on the plane can also be very harsh. It’s best to be prepared without having to thoroughly search your carry-on luggage for something to cover you up.

I am wearing a woollen jacket which wool is very versatile in summer it keeps you cool in winter it keeps you snug and warm. My layering I choose to wear cardigans they are stylish and cute. Can be worn with anything and everything.

Scarves are fabulous for flying to avoid a sore throat especially on long flights. They look fab with everything.

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Don’t: Accessorize Too Much

Do you really want to go through the hassle of removing all your unnecessary accessories during security inspections? Remember that some airports won’t let you pass through just one, but a couple of checkpoints before you reach your boarding gate. So if you’re thinking of adding
that statement necklace on your airport OOTD, don’t.

I travel with loads of accessories, but keep them in my suitcase until I go through security just to avoid major delays.

NKB London bespoke ring

Don’t: Hide In A Hoodie

Hoodies can be useful at times, but if you constantly wear it on your head like you’re some fugitive avoiding to be ambushed by airport security officers, then, that wouldn’t help you board the plane as smoothly as possible.

I hate hoodie’s and not a good choice for airports.

Don’t Wear Your Highest Heels

Just a gentle reminder the airport isn’t meant for catwalks. No need to wear your 5-inch stilettos. Spare your ankles from future damage, it won’t help you run fast if you happen to be running late for your flight. Just stuff your heels on your luggage and then just wear it once you land on the country you’re visiting.

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Don’t: Take A Heavy Carry-On Bag

What are the important things you need to carry with you when checking in and during the flight? Once you know what those are, put them inside your carry-on luggage and the rest in your check-in baggage, easy as that. You don’t want walking around the airport with a heavy
bag on your back.

It’s totally okay to dress up and feel good about yourself, there are no airport rules restricting people to wear a specific type of clothing. Just be sure to keep it in moderation. It’s all for your safety and comfort.