As the co-founder of MenStyleFashion, my world since 2012 has been focused around men. It is rare that I attend female events let alone female catwalks. I am known as the female voice for menswear. I created my brands solely online using no PR to represent who I am. This is a tough task because when approached by PR’s they are not sure how to market me. But the fact of the matter is I am a female promoting a man’s world. This can have its upsets, and frustrations because when I do get invites for events especially in the car world. The PR seems to favour the guys to represent MenStyleFashion.

I have to give you an insight of my upbringing, to give you an idea why I am frustrated as a female that car companies don’t target us women much.


My Upbringing Was Around Men

I grew up in rural Australia mainly on a farm. I am the youngest of four and my two brothers were always there during my childhood. I was confronted and exposed to motorbikes, tractors, quad bikes and busted up old cars to mess about in. There was nothing feminine about my childhood at all. I had to run after live stock by foot and watch out for deadly snakes, spiders and goannas ( Australia Monitor lizards). I wore blundstone boots for my protection of water and the animals. My father was a wood cutter and sawdust was my best friend both in my boots let alone my denim overalls. The heat and dust was unbearable in the summer and the soot left on my face was the sign of a good day of hard work. Forget about the facials, living on a farm was hard work and you had to get on with it. During Hay season I had the privileged already at the age of eight to drive the truck very slowly, breaking at ease whilst my family loaded tonnes of hay onto our Bedford truck.


The Ocean View

Our farm was unique in that it had a river running through and behind the river was a huge force of water called the ocean. The only way you could get access to the ocean was to ride a motorbike or a quad bike. During summer when it was hot and dusty you need to be damn right skillful to get there. I do recall once riding and stopping my quad bike to be greeted by a red belly black snake right at my foot. This is one of Australia’s deadliest snakes and if bitten you’re dead in minutes. This was a very rural area, so calling an ambulance let alone help was not an option. Looking back, it was only by the grace of God that none of my family members, friends or me ended up dead.


Burn Outs Speed Humps And Donuts

My dad always gave us old beaten up cars that with a little mechanic work we would be able to drive around on our farm. In what I can only recall as our formula 1 school. My brother was always creating driving tracks that involved, trees, speed ramps and anything extreme for adventure. We would go around this circuit, bouncing the back end of the car on trees and driving over speed ramps. In some cases leaving the gear box literally on the ground. So pleading to dad to give us another car to basically wreck. Tragically there were some cars my father owned which now would have been true vintage rare vehicles.

This was so much fun and also great way to learn how to handle cars. Where we lived there was always a dirt track to get to our farm and in lots of cases mainly women, fatal accidents would happen. The only reason is that these ladies were not taught how to handle a car on gravel roads. It is very common to over break and that’s when you end up in trouble. In my case when that car was spinning around corners I would literally ride it out and that is the key here. Not to over steer, panic or over break.

Car Launches For MenStyleFashion

In the next few weeks MenStyleFashion has been invited to weekends away by top car makers. From BMW, Ford, Jaguar and Bentley it is obviously that time of year. My first ever car review was way back in May 2015 with Ford Mustang. I recall talking to the PR at the time and he simply said. We don’t really have pink cars at the moment. Ok, I adore pink but unless you’re Katie Price, it’s rare to see a pink car driving about the M25 let alone the Costa Brava.

So why are car makers not targeting the female market. Last month BMW launched a very exclusive car only 100 created. They were targeting young men aged 25 to 30. Why is it when it comes to car reviews and also to car targeting that it is still so much a man’s world. I know Topgear gets watched by both women and men in almost equal measures, but we only see male presenters with a few exceptions in the past.

Ford Mustang GT V8 Gracie Opulanza fendi, leather dress 2015 (1)


Way back in December I created a concept call Luxury Week London. I was given a Bentley for seven days and this was the first time I drove such a luxury car. It only occurred to me once again that the car marketing industry are really missing out by not allowing us women to be part of the fast car world. I read that Formula One magnate, Bernie Ecclestone, is screaming for a female driver in to get behind the wheel. For me this would be a great way to promote us women in the fast car arena. But it has a  long way to go and in the meantime, as the female voice for menswear. My message is simple. Car manufacturers we love fast cars too and I hope to encourage you to think about us women too.