As you all know I am a big lover of coffee. So when I sent out a tweet just simply asking what people were wearing whilst drinking coffee. I was super excited to see what was sent next. The super talented Sonya Parra decided to create a coffee storm and it’s called Coffee Art. Once again a trend has been set. Sonya Parra decided to tweet a coffee image into her cup. I’ve never seen such a thing before and it looks awesome.

Coffee art thanks to me and Sonya are capturing the attention of the best coffee brands globally. Check out the tweets below. Make sure you tweet your coffee moments via Gracie Opulanza.

Both Sonya and I have decided that it’s important you try and guess the celebrity inside Sonya’s Coffee art.


Coffee Art by Sonya Parr (2) Coffee Art by Sonya Parr (3)Coffee Art by Sonya Parr (1)Coffee Art - Sonya Parra (2) Coffee Art - Sonya Parra (1)