As big name men’s attire magazines have begun a transition to the internet, they’re leaving behind a certain je ne sais quoi, let’s call it “reality”? No worries. As they lose their focus and charm, Gracie is breaking up the monopoly, bringing style, taste, details of man’s wardrobe, and the fashion world has taken notice. From a woman’s perspective on what she knows makes a man dress, groom, and show true style, Australian-born, Gracie Opulanza, launched MenStyleFashion in 2012, realizing the decline of men’s concern and sad manner of dress had to be stopped.

Gracie Opulanza, launched MenStyleFashion in 2012

Gracie knew it was her time to move, and get men back on track, and looking like they actually care. Based in London, England, Gracie moves stealthily around Europe and elsewhere, looking for the best products and trends in order for her readers to get the most out of what MenStyleFashion has to offer. Along with a staff of journalists and support, Gracie is bringing dignity and respect back in to being a well-dressed man, the woman is, as she energetically puts it, “Not in vogue, always ahead of it!” Fashion designers, celebrities and more, are attracted to Gracie’s charm, with, and direct questioning while interviewing.

Her presence at fashion shows does not go unnoticed, neither does the brilliance in her sense of humor. Thanks to Gracie and her entire staff, is the very definition of what men’s fashion means. And like the creativity Gracie shows in her trademark pink spectacles, that is the kind of creativity her team brings.

Gracie introduces the public to designers’ fashion from multiple continents, and lays them out for the reader to choose. However, there is no insistence or pressure from MenStyleFashion on what a man “must” look like, rather she explores the minds of well-known, as well as up-and-coming members of the fashion industry to present their wares. From clothing, fragrances, shoes, accessories and hair products, Gracie has all the bases covered.


MenStyleFashion offers much more than grooming techniques and advice, it also includes information for women about business operations, articles written by anyone who is willing to elaborate on commentary, or any subject that helps in the development of breathing life back to a struggling male population – a population that appears to have found solace in jeans and a golf shirt as formal wear. The baseball cap and beanie have replaced not only the Fedora hat, but proper hair grooming as well. In effect, Gracie is determined to see that men have a talking mirror, so to speak, to peer into and see every and all types of fashion available for any willing man who desires to look his possible best and beyond! For women who want to succeed in business, fashion, or who want to explore styles they would like to see in their men, the door is wide open, and Gracie welcomes all to enter!

There Is No Stopping Ms. Opulanza!

There is no shortage of information. Gracie goes vivaciously into the heart of her industry, asking real-world questions from everyone – runway models, fashion designers, celebrities, and of course, everyday men and women. There is no stopping Ms. Opulanza! At a recent showing, Gracie went back stage only to find their staff poorly dressed, no effort at all. She asked them why the models are sharp, as well as the attendees, but behind the walls, they’re a train wreck in appearance? She discusses and exposes the good, the bad, and the ugly of the industry and society. Gracie shows the fashion industry from the inside out, and for this, she has earned much respect among her peers and colleagues, as well as the men and women who indulge themselves in the world of fashion, and looking excellent!

There is no doubt, Gracie and MenStyleFashion will become household.

Avatar Illustration – Samsungfrontrow

What better way to create a new avatar for Gracie than using the latest technology from Samsung.  So at London Fashion Week, the very clever and confident Sonya Parra just took one look at Gracie Opulanza the trend setter she is and who has set the trend for lashes for 2014. The lashes were created by Zoe Della Rocca more on that later.