In the last year, I have had the luxury opportunity to experience super cars. What is it about super cars that entice me to want to drive them more and more? How do they emotionally make me feel?  What does the car do to me psychologically? When it comes to cars, we all judge a book by its cover. On every occasion when I am driving a super car. I notice people literally turn heads, it’s very impressive to see. When I am parking a super car, I also notice people stop, staring and wondering. Why is that woman driving a super car?

This just empowers my personality and makes me giggle. It is rare to see a woman stop and stare regarding super cars but over the last year I am noticing more women engaging with me and my super car.

Women connect with other women when it comes to super cars!

I love the Bentley Bentayga

Driving the Jaguar F-Type in Northern Ireland

Super Car Marketing

When it comes to car adverts, that cliche marketing of the man driving and the woman as a passenger still is embedded in my mind. Car adverts over the years have not stepped away from this. It is always the guy in the drivers seat and the woman all dressed up ready for a luxury night out. The same is also when I was at Silverstone. The women that were lurking around there were never any women in the drivers seat.

So how can I encourage both the car market to focus more on women to get behind those super cars. How can I inspire women to drive and understand the addiction men have towards super cars. The first advice is that we are women. We react differently to super cars. You don’t have to be a racing car driver to drive one. I am not a petrol head, but I do love the buzz these super cars give me.

On a Ferrari track day in Silverstone

Young Girls

I have two young girls who I can influence when it comes to super cars. By leading by example and showing them the emotional side of how a car can makes me feel. Is why they are becoming more intrigued in an organic way. I can get them driving a Go Kart and experience the G Force behind the wheel. Teaching them that speed too is all about technology, fun and severe concentration.

I can take them to car shows to immerse them into the world of mechanics and understand the engineering side of things. I keep being told that its not in our DNA to be a racing car driver. But that is not what the super car is all about. I just want to inspire women as a lover and a trend setter for the female market regarding super cars. Or simply teaching them how to handle a car in case they get into difficulties, whilst driving.

The Jaguar F-Pace in Holland

Le Mans 24

On the 15th June thanks to Ford and Serengeti Eyewear, I am going to experience as a spectator the world’s most dangerous racing car event. I am so excited and intrigued regarding why makes men choose to do this. It is a race that safety is not even spoken of. Where drivers  on one day have to endure the most physical, mental and psychological challenges, that any man could possibly imagine.

It’s  certainly a racing event where some, will not complete the course due to exhaustion, lack of concentration and mechanical problems. A race that I am going to find out more and more about when I am there. This is an aggressive race. Watch the video.

Why I Love Super Cars

I can never change who I am and over the years I certainly have tried. But when it comes to super cars I feel right at home. I am an extrovert and love to showcase, what I do, what I wear and show off,  who I am. It’s why I own two very successful blogs. I run my own race and have created another niche, in where I can experience super cars that not many women have access too. Each time I drive them, I understand the addiction when it comes to speed and the appreciation of the engineering behind these cars.  So for all those women looking for a new adventure and if you can afford it. Then get behind a super car, even if it’s only for one day.

Take some track lessons it’s well and truly worth it, learning the art of how the cars work these days.

I encourage you to go to a car event, even if its a vintage car show, they are amazing. My creative juices always get me going here, on many levels,

Do a nice photo shoot in a car, blog about it and share your views of what a super car does to you as a female.

Audis parked at the Audi Polo event

Getting close with the Audi R8 Spider

Stopping along the Costa Brava with the Audi R8 Spider