I have been married for over twenty years. Built my empires of business which has meant my marriage and work life has always been at home. My husband and I relationship were built on love and running businesses together, since 2002. So when lockdown happened we coped fine. As we saw each other all day and every day like lockdown life. We know how to balance our personal and business life. How to give each other space when needed. We also happened to have homeschooled our kids since 2016. So pandemic life was already set in stone for us. Nothing changed regarding our lifestyle, except when the word vaccine came into it.

We have fought over the years but nothing like we have regarding taking the vaccine. My marriage is a war zone thanks to the vaccination debate.

I have never yelled, screamed and been so frustrated at my husband.

He is vaccinated and I am the Killer.


Vaccine Versus Non-Vaccine

My husband has had Covid last April and it almost took his life. I had it too and it was tough, but survived. It left me no different, unchanged regarding my health and mindset. I can’t say the same for my husband.

Be very clear that when men get Covid 19, it impacts them differently. 

I am speaking from first-hand experience. It’s common knowledge that men suffer more than women. When my husband was in a Tuscan hospital in Italy. The 30 patients were all men. In the last 18mths, my friends have had Covid. The one’s that suffered the most were males. When it comes to vaccine debate.

My husband trusts our governments and trusts science including paid science. I don’t. When it comes to paid science and this pandemic. Money and corruption are always the first agenda. It has always been and will be. Study Roman’s time and look at Rome now. The most ungoverned politicians in the world.

History does repeat itself and we as humans never learn from it.

I respect medicine and rarely use it. But thank God it’s there when well researched.

Divorce Versus Vaccine

I have never talked about separating as much as I do now. My husband was traumatised getting Covid 19. After many months of more screaming, yelling and nasty talk, mainly by me. He had it done. The war between marriages has never been so high. Divorce is soaring and I know vaccine chat is part of it. I had Covid, but the law stipulates after six months I am no longer immune. If we meditate on this for a moment.

If common sense is at all recognised. I had Covid 19 and survived, why after six months am I a super spreader?

Why am I penalised as irresponsible when it comes to not trusting the vaccines. Media and our governments are why most people choose not to go for it. I just can’t get my head around taking a vaccine we really don’t know enough regarding long term effects.

Paid science means enforced vaccine will solve the problem.

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My last week, enjoying nature it helps my mental state of mind. To rebuild and recharge my mind. Make time for it!

Law Prediction

I said it since March 2020, the very first lockdown. That our leaders will change and move the bar of freedom slowly. And have we not seen that. I don’t share with anyone about my vaccine concerns anymore. The fights with friends, husband and strangers have left my mental health in shatters.

Choose your battles now. My top tip!

When asked have you been vaccinated, unless you have to prove it. Just say yes? Conversation over. 

If you can debate in calm do so.

Be prepared to lose loved ones over it. I already have. Friends lost forever and regarding my husband I have no idea how this will end?

People like me who don’t have a vaccine are being discriminated against in everyday life. I can travel after I pay for a PCR test, valid only for 72hours. I can visit museums after paying for another PCR test. I can go and watch James Bond after I pay for another PCR test. I can continue hotels reviews and restaurants, after another PCR test. I am self-employed never got furloughed.

Today’s law is, due to me not taking the vaccine is I am a killer.

Our media is doing a fabulous job. Watch what is going on in Australia now. Welcome to the new world order of control.

This is why my marriage is at war.

Power Of The Mind

Nelson Mandela was amazing regarding the power of his mind. You can take away his freedom but not his mental thoughts. I pray every day for my marriage, kids and the future unfolding. What future unfolding is uncertain? But it’s my mental state of mind I am exercising with utmost passion and training. To train my thoughts to remain calm, not panic about the future of my husband and me.

To plan a future that I never thought would ever happen, divorce. I can’t rule out divorce?


I can’t see how any family can continue to stay together when beliefs are ever so different. At least my husband told me he was going to be vaccinated. He prepared me for months. This week after a huge argument about it. Off he went and had it done. As a result, it’s with a heavy and sad heart.

I cried when he came home. Is my husband the super spreader of Covid 19? We are going to find out. After my husband got Covid 19, he changed and it really took a toll on his mental health. I am expecting more of his mental state to change?

Vaccinated Are They Endangering Me

This is my own experiment as it has been the last 18mths. If I get Covid again, I know exactly where it came from. I am in another lockdown here so not seeing anyone. I keep you posted on who survives this pandemic. I am very intrigued by the future outcome. I do pray it’s prosperous and happy. Life has many challenges. My husband has added extra stress to my marriage. I am in a new country too so that is another stress, can’t speak the language no idea how things work here.

Why am I mentally so strong? Wellness, pampering myself and being involved in every part of the money-making process of our marriage.

Ladies, in the UK alone 47% of married women can’t afford a lawyer because their husbands stole the funds. Have savings as marriage is not forever in today’s lifestyle.


In the last two years, this pandemic has not taught me one thing. It’s my resilience to adapting. I sold everything I owned last year. Changed countries and during lockdown rebuilt my brand including hotel reviews. I engaged with new business opportunities. Moved countries again and adapted. It’s this very mindset of resilience that has made me conquer new life skills. I am a chameleon, ever-changing to suit my lifestyle, protect my family and prosper.

Omg, DVD that was my era. Now we have Netflix. This is the time to pursue your dreams. Life is there for taking.


God is my shield, protector. I am not afraid to die. I nearly died many times through my fifty years on earth.  My mental health has always been strong. I read positive phrases and pray. I do everything to protect my anxiety, fear and happiness.

It’s the easy option to leave this world when it happens. Suicide is at an all-time high, breaks my heart to read it. Especially amongst teenagers and I have two.

But I won’t die until Jesus wants me home.

My husband with my daughter. He is very heavily involved in my teenage daughter’s mental state of mind. Dad’s family upbringing has proven for girls. That is when they leave the home as women. They adopt and choose men like their dad’s. My daughters love their dad.

father and daughter climate change

War On Marriage

I have lived through for better for worse and sickness and in health. My husband and I when we got married had no money. We have had amazing self-employed businesses the last 20 years and never depended on government handouts including Covid 19.

In 2014, we lost everything due to a house fire. I have been ill, we have both nearly died, due to a car accident.

Our marriage thanks to the division on the vaccine is unknown. We talk all the time, which is so important. It’s why we have lasted for so many years. It’s the key to our success.

We fight, argue, cry and it’s also the key to our marriage and why we are still together.

I have to trust God and work at my marriage more than ever. Like we do our businesses. It’s the same principle. What you put in, is what you get out.

It’s over regarding vaccine debate, it’s done. I can’t change the past. I won’t bring it up ever again what is the point? What matters is my mental health.


Being Vaccinated Does It Take The Fear Away?

My husband took the vaccine as he was very fearful and traumatised by getting covid. What shocked me the most is when  I asked how he felt now being vaccinated.

He feels as much fear as ever. 

It broke my heart to hear this.

Our governments make me feel like I am a killer in this pandemic.

I had Covid, I survived.  My husband had Covid and is vaccinated now. Who is the hero and who is the killer? Yes, our governments are at war targeting our marriages, our family and our friends. It’s up to you to decide to fight for peace in our everyday lifestyle.

My on-line business grew again this month. The reason is my state of mind is well focused on a greater future and living each day as it comes.