The Opulent & Eccentric Lifestyle is my personal blog where I dive deeper into my personal style which is opulent and eccentric. I am an attention seeker, entertainer, encourager and love to be in the limelight. I want peoples eyes to be on me. I was not born opulent, far from it, I grew up as a child of Italian migrants on a farm in rural Australia. My family had to fight and work hard and this is where I got my combative spirit from. Somehow I knew I did not belong and when I set foot in Rome for the first time it was confirmed that Europe with its history and fashion sense is where I needed to be. I started this blog after giving birth to my second daughter to show that family life does not have to constrain you to boredom, you can still find and embrace your opulent and eccentric side. My blog focuses on the following sections:

  • Fashion & Style – My style is eccentric, jewellery has to be chunky, my clothes have to have an edge. I am not a supermodel, so the attention that I like to be drawn to me has to come from my personal style.
  • Opinions – I am opinionated and I love a good debate.
  • Interviews – Through my interviews with various celebrities and sports stars I have been bold and unorthodox in my questioning showing them in a different light.
  • Vintage – I love how opulence was displayed in the past, something that seems lost now in the age of fast fashion, and therefore I am a lover of vintage fashion.
  • Eyewear – I show my eccentricity through my eyewear, I love oversized and outlandish designs, as it puts the focus of attention on me.
  • Lifestyle – Through luxury car and hotel reviews, I try to capture how I envisage the opulent & eccentric lifestyle.


I have a compassionate side for small family-run businesses, for individuality and for businesses that are sustainably run. I will stand for the underdog, the oppressed and fight with them, that is my combative spirit. Sometimes my opulent and compassionate side do clash, I am not perfect, far from it.

We All Need Some Attention

We all need some attention and there is nothing wrong with seeking attention to feel good as long as it comes with compassion. I want to inspire women through my articles to embrace more opulence and eccentricity in their lives, to stand up for themselves, feel good and to show personality.

Advertise With Me

I work with luxury car brands and hotels to provide an overall setting for the opulent and eccentric lifestyle, one where fashion and style meet lifestyle.

My blog is perfect for fashion brands that want to show individuality and that are not mass market. Brands that are not afraid of going against the grain, brands that want to celebrate and empower women.

Some Facts is over nine years old and is still going strong. The blog has a daily readership of around 1,000 and growing. I have a combined social media presence of 55,000. My readership is affluent with the largest amount of readers coming from the USA and UK.

I am also head editor of, where I am the female voice of menswear.