The Sample Room is dedicated to helping its clients through the pre-production process and turning the designs into reality. However, many have very little knowledge of what happens between the initial design and the final product.

So what exactly is involved and what does the Sample Room do?

Here at the Sample Room our specialities are pattern making, grading, specifications and sample making. However, we are also committed to educating new designers to give them the best possible chance of having success in the industry and ultimately more collections!

Before we dive into pre-production we recommend our clients provide a photo that has inspired their design, an initial drawing and fabric they want to use. These three things can dramatically influence the pattern so it is a very important step!

After an initial meeting the pre-production process gets under way. First we create the pattern. This is an integral aspect as it affects the sample and final designs. Once the pattern is complete we then go on to create a toile which is a sample in a mock-up fabric. This is presented to the designer and after a few tweaks we go onto create the sample with the fabric chosen.

Designers more often than not use the sample as a selling tool which can also determine the grading (sizes) required. We usually recommend that designer’s sell wholesale if they are fairly new to the industry, as selling online can be difficult at first. It also reduces the cost of having excess stock and allows clients to gauge which designs are working and which ones are not before sending a pattern through to the manufacturers.

So what does the future hold for the Sample Room?

Our close working relationships with our clients as well as our extensive experience in the industry has prompted our development of a mentoring program. In the near future, the Sample Room will be inviting new designers to participate in the program which will be a guide to the pre-production process and provide help with any issues they may face.

We are also venturing into the virtual world and in early 2013 we will be providing more of our services online. This will make the entire process more simplistic for our customers as well as give the convenience of having the resources at their fingertips.

Stay Tuned!


Sampleroom is about achieving the best possible outcome for your label

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Sampleroom is all about guiding you towards your vision and expertise

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Sampleroom will teach you, that the final touches will add to promoting the right image