Everyone has gone through that face that the hair entirely refuses to cooperate. It can give you sleepless nights: and restless days too. If you have curly hair, you might have additional problems that folks with the straight hair. Sometimes, you are forced to use extreme heat to straighten your hair at the expense of your hair’s health. Have you been called up for an interview and you fear that your wavy or curly hair will do the most to make you look unprofessional? Do not despair; the following tips will effectively work to make your hair straight without damaging it.

Blow-dry with cold air

It is time to do away with the traditional blowout. Instead, you can work with, waves of cold air. You will be surprised at how effective it is. All you will be required to do is wash your hair then let it dry naturally three-quarter way. Then partition your hair. On your blow-dryer, you will realize that there is the ‘cool’ setting. Blow-dry your hair starting from the roots to the ends non-stop. Also, remember to keep a distance of six inches away from your hair as you are drying it.

Hair Straightening

Roll with plastic rollers

How do you go about this? Go to your favourite hair store and buy rollers of not less than 1.75 in diameter. The bigger the better. Using plastic rollers is the most effective way of getting a glossy finish. What to do? Wash your hair then while it is still damp, divide into sections (preferably medium) then roll the plastic rollers into the segmented parts before you retire to bed. Alternatively, you can give it about 5 hours before you need your hair free. People with medium to long hair can bear witness on how much this hack comes in handy.

Wrap your hair

This is probably the most popular ways of achieving straight hair. As popular as it may be, not so many people are conversant with the trick. Also, the wrapping styles vary with different types of hair. The good news it works more or less the same for the different hair textures. What is needed? Several long roller/bobby pins and a satin scarf or head wrap. Once you have geared up, partition your hair at the top then use a fine-toothed comb. Comb it till flat. While holding your hair tight (careful not to pluck it out), bring your hair to opposite sides of your head and pin it firmly to the sides of your head. Repeat the procedure with the remaining sections of your hair. Once done, use the satin scarf to tie your hair before you go to bed.

Sleep with wet hair

Sounds uncomfortable right? Well, it is not as bad as it seems. Sleeping with wet hair should be better than sleeping with humongous plastic rollers on your head. After you wash your hair use a thin hairband and bring your hair to a loose ponytail. Then use the free hair to make a bun by wrapping it around your ponytail and use another hairband to secure it. A satin pillowcase would be ideal in this situation as it will cut down on the amount of friction that may take place as you sleep. That way, you will accomplish a straighter and neater look in the morning when you wake up.

Straight Hair

Use hair-straightening products

There are plenty of hair straightening products in the market. These include shampoos, hairsprays, treatment and conditioners. All you will need to do is be keen when reading the stickers. You might find that different products have been made to straighten particular hair types. This will help you get better results from the product.

straight hair tips

Use essential oils

Good news for you! You can tame your hair and at the same time treat it to some good care. Argan oil, coconut oil and macadamia oil and almond oil are some of the essential oils that you could use to straighten your hair. Essential oils are used alongside the other methods of straightening your hair like the use of rollers or cold blow-drying. Rub a substantial amount of oil in your palms to make it easy for application. Focus on the ends and ensure that you have applied it evenly. You will end up with straight hair with the perfect gloss and a sweet scent!

7 Proven Ways to Straighten Your Hair At Home

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Hair Mask

Make a hair mask using raw egg, manuka honey and avocado. Not only with the products enrich your hair, but they will also give it a shinier appearance. Making your hair achieve a straighter look does not have to be too hard a task. Experimenting with the seven tips and great hairstyling tips on Hair Clippers Club will help identify which trick works best for your hair.