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Nakibirango London – Luxury Handmade Jewellery

What luxury jewellery do I wear as a luxury lifestyle journalist, when all I have is two suitcases whilst travelling around the world? Ok most jewellery does not take too much space but still what luxury pieces of jewellery will work with the outfits that I have packed? I will reveal to you my luxury handmade piece accessory that I am travelling with for 2018. The year 2017 is almost coming to an end and it has been a top year with regards to profound experiences like reviewing five star hotels, restaurants and exclusive luxury cars. With these experiences...

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Bespoke Suits For Women – What To Wear At A Fitting

When I went for my first bespoke fitting I never thought about what I was wearing could make all the difference. In fact only when I turned up I was told that the undergarments I had on were all wrong.  I like business trips in where I can trend bespoke suits. therefore who better to guide me that expert tailor Edward Sexton. Edward Sexton Explains What To Wear During A Fitting There are three golden rules for when you go and get yourself measured for a bespoke suit? What are they? Edward Sexton explains his rules for when he...

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Melania Trump – The First Lady Of Fashion

When Melania Trump came into power as the first lady, I was deeply shocked how fashion designers such as Tom Ford amongst many other designers have vowed not to dress future first lady Melania Trump. I can only imagine what those luxury brands will be saying now?   Are these arrogant luxury fashion brands now eating humble pie? Melania is an example of how to be pioneers of fashion trends for 2017! Tom Ford in his own words back in early November 2016: “I was asked to dress her quite a few years ago and I declined. She’s not necessarily my image,” he...

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Bentley Bentayga – The Car That Empowers Me

This year I have driven the Bentley Bentayga both in the UK and now in Spain. On both occasions, whilst driving on my own I have experienced the power and influence I hold when I am driving the Bentley brand. What I mean about this is, I am always intrigued at the attention and influence I attract when I am driving, parking or asking for some directions in a Bentley Bentayga. Now the Bentley has plenty of GPS and parking technology, so there is no reason at all for me to be asking for extra parking help let alone directions,...

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Metiseko Vietnam – Luxury Handmade Silk

Over the last three months I have been travelling throughout South East Asia for This journey was all about luxury and lifestyle experiences at hotels, resorts and restaurants within Asia. The challenging part for me is how do I travel looking good, in such tropical climates? How do I travel for such a long period of time, with just hand luggage and that includes, shoes and all my technology? Hand on heart, I started off well, but as the weeks went by, I failed miserably. So throughout this journey I decided to hunt for the fabric silk as...

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High Tea – More Than Just Tea And Cakes

Historically afternoon tea is a British food tradition of sitting down for an afternoon treat of tea, sandwiches, scones and cake. This year I have been asked to experience and promote High Tea throughout the globe. Whether it be London, Australia, let alone Thailand it is very clear that the demand for a High Tea experience is back. As each nation adopts their own trends regarding High Tea, I just want to explain my experiences and why I want to inspire many men and women to opt for an afternoon of High Tea. In 2017. I am finding that luxury...

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Jaguar F-PACE- Australia’s Posh Ladies Wheels

It has been five years since I have ventured home to Australia. Unbeknownst to me the Jaguar F-PACE SUV, was a rare site here in Victoria Australia. In the 2000km I drove it, I never saw one. Culturally, I noticed the women here in Australia,  do love fast cars and anything that looks and sounds loud, let alone looking sporty. The women here are not afraid to display the love of luxury cars and drive them too. With the likes of Ford and Holden V8’s dominating the roads here for as long as I can remember. I am here...

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Country Road Australia – Luxury Travel Style Tips

I was born in in rural country Australia and one of my favourite fashion brands I loved to shop at was Country Road Australia. I have always admired its marketing regarding casual chic wear and how it prides itself regarding the quality of the clothing over the years. So it was wonderful to be able to pop into the South Yarra store in Melbourne Australia to reconnect to Country Road. It has been 10 years since I last visited the brand. Luxury Travel Challenges I am currently on a three month luxury travel tour, throughout Europe, Asia and Australia....

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Jaguar Land Rover And Gorillaz Seek New Engineering Talent Via Alternative Reality

Jaguar Land Rover and Gorillaz are working together to recruit the next generation of world-class electronics and software engineering talent with a code-breaking challenge found in the virtual band’s app. After the launch of the E-PACE and F-PACE, the brands expansion means it is in of more engineering talent. The best performers will be fast-tracked through the recruitment process, helping to meet Jaguar Land Rover’s ambition to employ thousands of bright new talents over the next year. It’s a major change in the way the business looks for candidates, aiming to tackle the engineering skills gap and inspire and...

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Jaguar E-PACE SUV Launch – Targets A Female Audience

When Jaguar sent me the press release, as a female representative, for car brands since 2015. I was ever so delighted to see so many celebrity women representing us female’s when it came to this car launch. Why would Jaguar do this? What is now currently trending in the world of car launches? Why on earth would Jaguar choose to invite so many celebrity women and ME? SUV For Me Is About Safety I can only speak for myself as a mother of two children. That when it comes to car safety, I choose to drive a SUV. In...

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Le Mans 24 Ford Performance – Why Women Should Embrace Racing

The more I attend car racing events such as Le Mans 24 Hour. The more I am noticing females are watching my journey on social media and copying what I do. I am loving this. Therefore its why I want to inspire and encourage more women to embrace the culture of Motorsport racing and trend new fashion for events like Formula One.  The simple reason it’s perfect for the mind, soul and the adrenalin of life. I find too many women get depressed too easy because they are bored regarding motherhood or day to day living. I have been a...

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Super Cars – Us Women Love Them Too

In the last year, I have had the luxury opportunity to experience super cars. What is it about super cars that entice me to want to drive them more and more? How do they emotionally make me feel?  What does the car do to me psychologically? When it comes to cars, we all judge a book by its cover. On every occasion when I am driving a super car. I notice people literally turn heads, it’s very impressive to see. When I am parking a super car, I also notice people stop, staring and wondering. Why is that woman...

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