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Microblading – Eyebrow Procedure Reviewed

When it comes to my hair let alone eyebrows I am so terrified in allowing anyone to touch them let alone allow anyone to tattoo them. I have seen many women in tears at the result due to taking shortcuts and paying as little to try and get the best results for what I deem a natural result. I am travelling around the globe and on my way to New York, I stopped to meet Sital in Toronto in Canada . Sital has over 20 years experience as a beautician and the key to her success is her attention...

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BAFTAs – Audi Chauffeuring The Actors & Actresses

The 71st British Academy Film Awards, more commonly known as the BAFTAs, was held on 18 February 2018 at the Royal Albert Hall in London, to honour the best national and foreign films of 2017. Audi was in the midst of the action at tonight’s EE BAFTA Film Awards, chauffeuring some of the biggest names from the world of film to the top of the red carpet at London’s Royal Albert Hall Guests, including Angelina Jolie, Sir Patrick Stewart and Lily James, travelled in style in the new Audi A8. This luxury saloon offered the best seat in the house, where...

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Kirk & Kirk Eyewear – Anna Spectrum Collection Reviewed

In 2011 I began my own blog and it all started with some entourages, eccentric eye wear which was very difficult to find those days. I met Jason Kirk the owner of Kirk & Kirk eyewear way back in 2015. What struck me from the onset was his attention to detail and his 20 years of commitment to creating bespoke eyewear. His passion is infectious and it I just adore his approach to eyewear as well as his brand Kirk & Kirk. I have lost count on how many pieces of eyewear I own. This is just one suitcase...

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Nike Women’s Air Zoom Pegasus 34 – My New Gym & Spa Shoes

Late last year I decided I was going to take a break from my home and travel and explore the world with my family. Whilst discovering new cultures I was also going to combine travel with work by reviewing luxury hotels. With my work for I have had the opportunity to review over 150 hotels. My biggest challenge always is what to pack, I can’t take my whole wardrobe with me. I am always in need of comfortable running shoes, in this article I focus on my favourite pair that I travel with. The criteria is they have to...

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Seoul South Korea Fashion – apM Place & Jogyesa Temple

I was invited by Korea Tourism Organisation (KTO London) to fly to Pyeongchang, South Korea. The purpose of this journey was to promote the ‘Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympic Games’ and to get an insight into South Korean culture. This pre-visit to the Gangwondo Province which includes PyeongChang, Gangneung and Jeongseon was a trip I was looking forward to and this was my first visit to South Korea. I am very familiar how Asia can design fashion but the region is so under the radar when it comes to creative fashion. They are a breed of their own regarding accessories and everything bling. Asian people are bold,...

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Social Media Marketing Tips – Tribe Versus Niche

Since 2011 I have been on an endless journey to inspire my readers to buy into other luxury and lifestyle fashion brands that I plug, promote and review. In the last few months, I have had many people ask me how hard is it to start a fashion and travel blog right now and can you live from it? The other common question is how on earth do I continue to motivate myself to keep launching new content almost on a daily basis? The reality is due to my tribe I have no choice but to continue to serve my...

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Luxury Fake Fashion – It Has Never Looked So Damn Good!

Technology and cheap flights today make travelling to new places a breeze. But have you ever thought about those places that you’d like to visit again? This is how I feel about Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City and Seoul. No matter how many times I’ve set foot there, I always seem to stumble on something magical and over the years it’s been fashion in these countries that have always made me return. As the real fashion luxury brands have ventured out to Asia for production, using the latest in manufacturing technology. I see a new trend arising in 2018, ...

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Hoi An Vietnam – Water Front Fashion Show By Night

Today I arrived in Hoi An which is a world heritage site in Vietnam. It is a town full of fashion tailors and has some of the best fashion designers for Vietnam living here. Literally a few hours before, it occurred to me that I would love to see a catwalk here sometime. I am also teaming up with some designers out here to learn more about the culture and it’s hidden gems. I am staying right on a lake amongst the locals and I was informed that a catwalk would be taking place. I decided to go and...

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Nakibirango London – Luxury Handmade Jewellery

What luxury jewellery do I wear as a luxury lifestyle journalist, when all I have is two suitcases whilst travelling around the world? Ok most jewellery does not take too much space but still what luxury pieces of jewellery will work with the outfits that I have packed? I will reveal to you my luxury handmade piece accessory that I am travelling with for 2018. The year 2017 is almost coming to an end and it has been a top year with regards to profound experiences like reviewing five star hotels, restaurants and exclusive luxury cars. With these experiences...

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Bespoke Suits For Women – What To Wear At A Fitting

When I went for my first bespoke fitting I never thought about what I was wearing could make all the difference. In fact only when I turned up I was told that the undergarments I had on were all wrong.  I like business trips in where I can trend bespoke suits. therefore who better to guide me that expert tailor Edward Sexton. Edward Sexton Explains What To Wear During A Fitting There are three golden rules for when you go and get yourself measured for a bespoke suit? What are they? Edward Sexton explains his rules for when he...

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Bentley Bentayga – The Car That Empowers Me

This year I have driven the Bentley Bentayga both in the UK and now in Spain. On both occasions, whilst driving on my own I have experienced the power and influence I hold when I am driving the Bentley brand. What I mean about this is, I am always intrigued at the attention and influence I attract when I am driving, parking or asking for some directions in a Bentley Bentayga. Now the Bentley has plenty of GPS and parking technology, so there is no reason at all for me to be asking for extra parking help let alone directions,...

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Metiseko Vietnam – Luxury Handmade Silk

Over the last three months I have been travelling throughout South East Asia for This journey was all about luxury and lifestyle experiences at hotels, resorts and restaurants within Asia. The challenging part for me is how do I travel looking good, in such tropical climates? How do I travel for such a long period of time, with just hand luggage and that includes, shoes and all my technology? Hand on heart, I started off well, but as the weeks went by, I failed miserably. So throughout this journey I decided to hunt for the fabric silk as...

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