Nail Artistry is currently at the forefront of the Nail Industry, each year Nail Technicians are pushing the boundaries of this art form, experimenting with different nail systems, decals and materials to decorate and enhance nails. There are no rules, just get inspired and create.

I think that is why I chose to make a career in this exciting industry!

Nails Most Definitely Complete A Look

I have always been a devotee of nail polish and remember watching my mother in awe painting her finger nails a striking ‘pillar box’ red, witness to the incredible transformation. Later my sister and I would experiment with painting each other’s nails, exploring lines and dots with cocktail sticks, adding sparkly bits and most weekends making a stop to add to my ever growing polish collection.

Just over a year ago I made the plunge and became a fully qualified Nail Technician specializing in nail art and design. I have never been happier in a job; it allows me to be inventive, together with meeting some fascinating, inspiring people.

Just like fashion accessories, nails most definitely complete a look; from a simple sheer polish to an absolutely fabulous nail art creation. Nails are undeniably a conversation starter.

It is vital when designing nail art for a client to capture their personality, making the arrangement totally unique to achieve maximum enjoyment whilst wearing.

The Gracie Opulanza Nail Design

The Gracie Opulanza nail design was inspired through a friend and professional make up artist Zoe Della Rocca. I chose a stiletto nail shape as they are captivating and will catch the eye of the most unlikely observer; just like our gorgeous Gracie Opulanza. Gracie’s avatar is the stamp of her business and not to add this would have been a crime.

I started by using a sponging effect to build a textured base with white and silver, then painted the design onto the nail tip carefully assembling those fine details. Highlights were used to intensify key areas and bronze tones where added to the hair and eyes to fashion the final look, adding shimmer and depth.

Life can get extremely busy working hard to promote and push forward in this business, and sometimes you can feel as though you are in a million places at once, however when I am designing it is in these hours I can let go and be imaginative.

In my creations I like to use nail polish, gel polish, L&P and acrylic paints, I love to discover new products and continue to attend courses to gain knowledge and further my skills, for myself and most importantly my clients. It is a compelling industry to be part of that entices visionaries of art and opportunities to go anywhere and do anything.

In the words of Icona Pop – ‘I LOVE IT’


Twitter @DanaMayTay

This design was created using Crystal Nails Stiletto Tips, Crystal Nails ‘One Move’ Acrylic Paints, Crystal Nails Babara II Brush and Cuccio High Gloss Top Coat