Terminal 21

When you think of the name Terminal 21 you think of a new airport terminal. But no Terminal 21 is the latest addition to the ever-expanding shopping malls to hit Bangkok. It’s located at the junction of Asok Street.

How does it vary from the glut of other malls in the capital? By theming each of it’s different floors on an iconic metropolis, Terminal 21 does at least try to stand out from the pack. Whenever you take the escalator you leave one metropolis and arrive at the next.

More importantly, as well as all the chain stores you find in every mall, it’s also packed full of small boutiques run by local entrepreneurs. I will post some more detailed information about local small boutiques in later posts. Watch this space. I think the pictures below speak for themselves about what a unique shopping experience Terminal 21 is.

I have included a map so you can find Terminal 21 your next shopping destination.

terminal 21 shopping center thailand bangkok map