Leathered jackets are a cool wearable, but their color schemes can be a bit boring, especially the solid-colored ones. However, you can make your own design on a leather jacket with paints like acrylic.

What is Acrylic paint?

Acrylic paint is a water-based fast-drying paint that consists of pigment particles and Acrylic resin. Another thing about Acrylic paint is completely flexible with brush, spray, and marker paints.

If you’re a leather jacket user, then you’re aware of the fact that a leather jacket gets rusty after a few years or so. With a new paint job not only can you restore your old jacket but also give it a whole new look.

If you wish to paint your leather jacket and don’t know what to do? Then you come to the right place. Here we’ll discuss every required aspect of leather jacket painting.

Let’s begin, shall we?

Can You Use AcrylicPaint On Your Leather Jacket?

Simply put, you can use Acrylic paint on any soft surface, whether it’s your leather jacket or your leather shoes. If you are good with design and know-how to paint according to those designs, then using this paint can save you the cost of professional help.

However, knowing something and applying it in real life, are two different things that shouldn’t be taken lightly. You should know the proper preparation and techniques to paint on your leather jacket. No worries this is exactly why we brought to you the following segments.

Does Acrylic Paint Last On Your Leather Jacket?

Before we begin the painting, many people want to paint their leather jackets but they wonder how to seal Acrylic paint on leather jackets, or is it even possible?

Well, to tell you the truth, sealing the paint surface is a must if you wish to keep your leather jacket paint intact. Otherwise, the painted paint is going to be sticky which causes them to deteriorate faster.

A Leather Jacket Painting Process With Acrylic Paint

Painting on a leather jacket gives you a chance to show your artistic capabilities on your clothing. Whether it’s to renew an old jacket or improve the look of a new one, it is possible.

However, as we mentioned earlier you must learn the proper preparation and techniques before you jump right into painting.

Let’s have a quick look over the painting process, shall we?


First, you need to gather the items, given in the following.

  • Alcohol Pads.
  • acrylic paint.
  • White marker or chalk.
  • Paintbrush
  • Leather varnish.
  • Towel

Now let’s help you paint your leather jacket. You can follow these steps in the following segments.

Step-1 Prepare Your Leather Jacket

First, you need to prepare your leather jacket before you start painting it. It’s a crucial first step to paint your leather jacket.

To prepare it you need to degrease the leather, as it tends to gather dust after use. Take an alcohol pad and start rubbing it over the jacket until it’s clean. Then take a towel to wipe out moisture from the leather jacket.

Step-2 Prepare Your Paint Design

Now comes the preparation part. Here, you need to find a design for your jacket. You should know landscape design won’t look good on your leather jacket. Yes, they look excellent in your shirts or T-shirts, but they won’t look as good on your jacket.

You can try any tattooed designs, or find a meaningful quote and design according to it. You search online for inspiration.

Step-3 Apply The Paint According To The Design

After you’ve found your preferred design, take a white marker or chalk to make an outline of your design. Remember Acrylic paint is a fast-drying paint, so don’t try to paint directly without any outline drawn.

As mistakes are bound to happen in the beginning, you can easily remove the drawn outline anytime and make necessary corrections. After you’ve drawn the outline of your design now it’s time to paint. Carefully stroke your paintbrush around the markers to complete the design.

Remember even if you make any mistakes while painting it can be rectified. To do that, you must quickly wipe out the wrong paint with an alcohol pad before it dries out. Once it’s dried it’ll be harder to remove.

Note– don’t try to use any oil-based paint, because this kind of paint is not as effective as Acrylic paint. It may ruin your leather jacket.

Step-4 Seal And Dry

Once you’re done with painting, now the last step is to protect your design from scratches. Unlike other paint jobs on clothing, don’t try to provide heat over the paint, it can ruin the paint plus your leather jacket. However, you can apply a layer of leather varnish to fix the painting design.

You can use a leather varnish, which is a special varnish for leather that gives a non-sticky finish to your leather jacket. Apply a few drops of varnish and apply it to your paint with a paintbrush, and continue to do so with the whole paint job.

Final Thoughts

The Acrylic paint is specially designed for painting on soft surfaces. That’s why it’s ideal for painting on a leather jacket. However, you should keep in mind to apply a thin layer of paint on the jacket. Otherwise, it might crack after a short while.

You should avoid painting on the jacket’s chain or belts because it can ruin its original look. To avoid such accidents you can remove any belt and cover up the chain with a thin sheet of paper.

So what are you waiting for? Start preparing your leather jacket and give it your desired look by following the above-mentioned steps.

Good luck.