This is the time to go back in fashion history and delve into what we treasure in the world of the atelier. In a pandemic, it is important to conserve, preserve and go back in time regarding vintage fashion.

Goodwood Revival - Dior Vintage Catwalk

Last year I was fortunate enough to be the only one at this exclusive Dior Vintage Catwalk in Goodwood a famous vintage car race.

The clothing was divine. Dresses that will never ever be replaced.

Goodwood Revival - Dior Vintage Catwalk

Dior Fashion Throwbacks

The iconic Sussex circuit is awash with vintage motors and fashion throwbacks. This event is not only about vintage car racing but fashion is a strong element to this fun event.

Goodwood Revival is all about vintage fashion. It is a niche opportunity for women to showcase their love for vintage fashion. There were ladies dressing up and getting their hair done at Goodwood itself.

Glam Up Denim Overalls

The big trend for this year at Goodwood would have to be the iconic overalls inspired by car mechanics used for motor racing.

I thought I was being original but the fact was many men and women were trending denim overalls, playsuit and jumpsuit.

Goodwood Revival overalls YVL fashion Gracie Opulanza 2019n Fendi eyewearGold chunky

Vintage YVL Jewellery

I decided to glam up my denim overalls. With my vintage YVL jewellery my vintage bespoke headpiece designed for me and my vintage Fendi Eye-wear.

I always think of Sophia Loren when dressing up.

This was so much fun dressing up and seeing others making an effort too.


Vintage Clothing Revisited

Every guest takes this seriously to go back in history. Chanel brand not here yet.



Geri Horner

Former spice girl Geri opted a 70’s vibe. I had a nice close up of what she was wearing.

Geri Horner was trending a white ensemble fashion, supporting her husband Christian Horner who was racing.

Did you know that drivers have to pay to be able race a vintage car at Goodwood Revival?


Geri Horner formal Spice Girls trending white ensemble fashion?

These are my images. She chose to wear aviators in where I chose to wear Prada oversize eyewear as a statement message.


Fashion Ladies Photography

Ladies too are not afraid to get into the photography action. They dress the part in doing so.

Did you know you need, five million pound insurance to be able to take photography on the racing track?


Goodwood Revival - Dior Vintage Catwalk

I needed a break from those loud vintage cars in the car Pitt and  Vintageaeroplanes. off I went to the one and only Dior vintage presentation.

Dior Catwalk

The Dior catwalk was going to be a nice change. This was an exclusive event for those paying to wine and dine. The clothes were stunning and just wonderful to look at. Fabrics never to ever be found again.

Clothing and zips that last a lifetime.

Goodwood Revival - Dior Vintage Catwalk Goodwood Revival - Dior Vintage Catwalk

This month all the fashion weeks around the globe are promoting sustainable fashion. Vintage Dior is a perfect example of clothing that never dates, high-quality irreplaceable materials. It is an investment collection if you can get your hands on them.

Celebrating the glamour of car racing during Goodwood’s heyday as a motor circuit between 1948-1966. All walks of life attend such as petrol heads. Just as powerful is the vintage fashion which is truly an experience I would recommend to slot into your diary. Everyone must dress vintage it is the Goodwood rule.

Goodwood Revival - Dior Vintage Catwalk

Dior The Vintage History

Christian Dior is an iconic French designer, who dominated the world of fashion during the late 40’s and 50’s. His career wasn’t long, but he definitely made an unerasable impression with the presentation of his first collection: the New Look. Femininity is the key in every design made and can still be recognized. Born as son of a wealthy man, he followed his own mind and vision.  With the financial aid of Marcel Boussac, he established the House of Dior in 1946 at 30 Avenue Montaigne Paris.

One of Christians most famous designs whilst working at Piguet, was a dress with a short, but full skirt called ‘Cafe Anglais’. 

Goodwood Revival - Dior Vintage Catwalk

1950 – Licensed to sell

Christian licences his name to many luxury accessories such as neckties, hosiery, furs and handbags. He is the first designer to do such a thing, as he realised the importance of matching accessories to his collections.

Goodwood Revival - Dior Vintage Catwalk

Selling Pablo Picasso and Salvatore Dali Art Work

Did you know? In 1928, at the age of 23, Christian Dior opens a small art gallery in Paris, funded by his father. Together with a friend, he sold the work of other artists, for example, Pablo Picasso and Salvatore Dali.

Goodwood Revival - Dior Vintage Catwalk

These hats were beautiful.

Goodwood Revival - Dior Vintage Catwalk

Sustainable Fashion 2019

Goodwood Revival is all about sustainable fashion and it is a reminder of fashion fabrics that will never ever be repeated. Wonderful examples of the sustainable message.

Goodwood Revival - Dior Vintage Catwalk

It is why I wear and buy vintage fashion when and where I can find it. It is not hard to explore this in the UK, plenty of charity shops doing this.

It has to be one of my favourite fashion events to date.

Also at Goodwood, you can also buy vintage fashion at their pop up stores here at Goodwood.

Goodwood Revival - Dior Vintage Catwalk

Vintage fabrics are priceless and one must delve into history and wear them.

Goodwood Revival - Dior Vintage Catwalk