Given the worrying environmental issues facing the world, the concept of ‘sustainable fashion’ has become more prominent than ever before.

Interested in sustainable fashion, British online marketplace analysed the latest findings from KPMG, who surveyed 1,000 Londoners to identify the features they most align with their definition of sustainable fashion.

Additionally, OnBuy also sought to discover the factors that would most encourage Londoners to buy more/pay more for sustainable fashion.

red wool cape

Some of the highlights from the research include:

  1. Londoners rank ethical and fair trade/labour practices (48%) as the most important attributes of sustainable fashion
  2. Thereafter, 31% constitute the use of no hazardous chemicals as well as a pollution-free production process as crucial elements in their definition of sustainable fashion
  3. Shoppers in the capital are willing to buy more/pay more for sustainable fashion if they believe the products represent good value for money (57%)
  4. Interestingly, only 25% consider the environmental friendliness concept/message of a brand when deciding to increase their purchasing and/or spending intentions on sustainable fashion
  5. On average, Londoners search for the term ‘sustainable fashion’ online 1,900 times per month


I am buying wool items as they last a long time and a good choice for sustainability. I had this wool cape made because it keeps me warm and feels amazing on.

red cape angela facchini tuscany

Fast fashion is the reason why we need to understand the harm it has on our environment. Zara turns around clothes in three weeks and you can read what happens to my top after a few wears. It’s not good to buy clothes that last only a  few weeks.

The clothes I choose to wear during this pandemic like handmade cardigans support my mental health and the individuals that create it. It’s a priceless purchase.

Atelier Ricci - Palazzo Lucca Gracie Opulamza Bespoke fashion for women (1)

Arts And Crafts

In this time where time has stood still more of us are realizing the importance of maintaining atelier skills. I am in Italy where there are so many skilled people that can create and make beautiful clothes. It’s why we as individual we must support the small players.

cashmere wool handcrafted gracie opulanza (2