Mental Health Tips – What You Think You Become

Mental Health Tips – What You Think You Become

What one reads and thinks about constantly will determine the way ones happiness will evolve. I often speak my future into being. I think and state aloud what I want to live like.

My state of mind is why I am having one of the happiest times during lockdown.

During the first lockdown, my only outlet was my social media. Be brutal and delete social media if you can’t mentally handle abuse or debates about the lockdown.

No one in this crazy world right now can control your state of mind. It all comes down to you.

Don’t Compare Your Life To Others

I was locked up in a tiny flat with my family of four. Unable to walk outside or have outside space to take in the fresh air.

By sharing my lockdown views during the lockdown, I created new enemies. It also caused division and hate towards me and others regarding covid.
We all have different opinions about this pandemic.
I am all for healthy debates. But when it gets personal and insulting.
And creates a deal of jealousy, resentment and envy regarding lifestyle choices.
I had to be brutal in blocking people who would leave me sad and in a negative state of mind.
It was terrible for my mental health. I was jealous and envied all my friends who had big homes and gardens.
I had to change my lifestyle fast.
I did this by changing my state of mind and told myself  I can live the lifestyle I want. But it all starts in my head.
Villa Tuscany Lucca view Gracie Opulanza
The above view is where I live and have been in lockdown for 6weeks. How did I go from a tiny flat with ugly views to living in a massive estate?

Delete Negativity

I deleted people who made me feel worthless and not encouraging me during the lockdown. By doing this it got me to a state of mind to make a  massive life-changing decision.

For my mental health and my families well being.  l decided to sell all my possessions and leave my country I was in for ten years.

Its the best 2020 decision ever made regarding my living situation. By leaving my current living situation which was terrible for lockdown. It literally propelled my life into a fruitful one. I grew my business and am doing new collaborations with new brands.

How many people can say that for 2020?

But if my mental state of mind was not my number one priority. There is no way this could have ever happened.

Exercise the mind and talk to people who encourage you to think positive and live a less stressful life.

Italy Venice

After lockdown l travelled around Italy. When l told all my friends l was heading to the worse effected country for covid in the world. They thought l lost my mind.
Mostly my Australian friends were the worse to judge. I understand this as the Australian government is one of the most fear inputting nations in the world when it comes to common law.
By sharing my travel in Italy on Facebook and social media I was criticised for travelling. I was called irresponsible, a super spreader and disgusting.
For simply doing what I normally did before covid. Live, shop, eat at restaurants and go to work.
Again delete people who don’t understand your point of view and make you feel worthless.

Work Versus Furlough

I have an online business l can work anywhere.

Those privileged people like the UK and Australia that get paid to sit at home during this pandemic are the first to judge others who don’t.

I need to work as l don’t get a furlough. No government will ever support me. For me to put food on the table I have to work. My living space is important for my state of mind. During the first lockdown in my tiny flat, my state of mind was not in a good space. I was not productive at work, homeschooling or even at staying calm.
Recognise what you need during this pandemic to stay sane.
For me, it’s outdoor space and a large home where we as a family can get our private time.
Grand Canal Venice 2020
My daily view whilst in Venice for one month.

The Road Less Travelled

I am a leader, not a sheep. I live each day as it comes. I know what is best for me and my state of mind. I do this simply for my mental health. It’s why I am so happy where I ended up for the next lockdown that I predicted would come. I chose a beautiful estate with endless space so when lockdown two came. I would be sure this time I was mentally sound.

I know that flowers make me mentally sane, I sleep with roses from the estate for my mental well being.

I listened to no one but my gut instinct. This is fruitful because my mindset was not stressed it was calm during the summer months after lockdown. I planned for the second lockdown because I never wanted to experience what I did the first time around.

I actively seek peace in my life and am brutal to get rid of material items and people who upset my peace.
christmas red fashion 2020 gracie opulanza
My living outdoor space during lockdown number two.

Watch What You Read And View On TV

It’s our mental state of mind during this inhumane lockdown is my biggest concern. People are locked up with Netflix as their own outlet for sanity. I watch films that motivate me to get out of tough situations. I watch TED talks to inspire me to move forward in my career.
I watch films that have a positive state and influence on my mind.
Covid is a sideshow, my friends and work associated staff I have built for ten years are simply depressed and anxious. Many have lost their homes, businesses and in some cases their families.
Depression, obesity, violence, divorce, poverty and suicide our biggest pandemic threat.
Resulting by having us locked up unable to work and meet with others. We are human and especially in the Italian culture family comes first.
That has been taken away and I am now seeing my friends not coping second time round regarding lockdown.
Do what you can to exercise a positive state of mind. Be ruthless and understand how you can get your mind into a good coping mindset.

The Grass Is Never Greener

I speak to friends who have beautiful large homes, gardens, food and money. In some cases in their homes, they have a sauna, jacuzzi amazing wines but still, they are not coping.
What is wrong with their state of mind? What are they thinking and watching or reading to feel so low?
Some of my friends compare themselves to me. They say I am free and lucky living in Tuscany in an old large very cold Villa.
I created my own luck. I am where I am as I put my mind towards making it happen. I was mindful to watch what I read and who I listened to make this happen.
My friends and others are simply comparing my life to theirs.
This is self-destructive and not productive for anyone. The grass is never greener on the other side. Comparing where we are living during this lockdown towards others is why many are left so depressed. Comparing you with me will only make you feel horrible and a failure.
Stop doing it.
Fattoria Mansi Bernardini Tuscany Italy 2020 (12) lemons
Me picking lemons on the estate during lockdown number two.

One Challenge At A Time

Take each day as it comes. Work with one thing in your household you have the mental power to change. It all starts with what you are thinking and projecting. I chose to sacrifice homeownership in order to live a life of travel with my kids.
I am debt free for 20years. I made the sacrifices to be debt-free so l had a less stress-free life.
Debt is the biggest mental health killer for most people. If that is you, sell everything you own to be debt-free. Resulting in a stress-free life, which can free your mind to do things you love and make money from.
That has been my life since 2003.
It’s an amazing feeling.
Many women want a beautiful home that is their lifetime goal. Most of the women I talk to think I am nuts not owning a home. They deem me as a failure. That is because they don’t live the road less travelled. Owning a home is the biggest debt choice people have made.
I owned three amazing homes which l sold. Unless you have the cash in life you must make sacrifices in order to live a debt-free life.
I know so many now and even before covid people were in financial stress by owning a home.

Reinvent Yourself

I am a luxury lifestyle journalist and covid destroyed all my hard work regarding hotel reviews, car reviews and travel. Most people I built up a work network with have lost their jobs. My state of mind is a positive one. I never give up and my eyes are wide open to new opportunities.

Here is an example of me reinventing myself with the skills I learnt reviewing over 300 hotels.

I am living my dream by renting Villa’s in Tuscany Italy.
I used to review hotels but that is over for now. I noticed during the summer that I could use my existing hotel skills and with my mindset that I could help rent and sell Villas.
Why do I do this? Because I have the right mindset of not allowing a pandemic to make me poor. Poverty and depending on others is not a position I want to be in.
Redirect your existing skills to another job.
So my life choices of being debt-free have allowed me to now do something I have never done before.
Selling villas in the worse economic situation in history, Italy.
Villa view Tuscany For sale 2021
You can buy this view for 3million euro. Drop me an email if you are interested?
Watch what you read, listen to and to whom you zoom call.
Who you associate yourself with will determine your state of mind.
A happy life during a pandemic is all about surrounding yourself towards a stress-free life.
It all comes down to your personal mental health.

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