New hand Luggage guidelines have been drafted by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), which acts for 260 major scheduled carriers, currently accounting for 83 per cent of air traffic. The new proposed size reduction is so small we will have to use hold luggage again and also discard all those bought luggage pieces that are now too big. What will that cost you let alone the environment?

As a founding partner of three online fashion magazines I have to travel a lot. In the world of fashion your image counts. Now can you imagine how I felt when I read this article Airlines are set to reduce the size of hand luggage.  How will I be able to put my outfits into the new proposed carry ons?

What is the real reason these airlines are forcing us to change the size yet again of our current hand luggage?


Visiting Munich for a weekend to review the new Ford Mustang.

New Hand Luggage Size Will Speed Up Boarding Time

The airlines are currently saying the reason for the new hand luggage reduction is that it will speed up boarding. What the Fashion are they talking about? The industry believes the new guidelines will mean that all passengers will be able to take a small case onto a plane, rather than those who are the last to board finding that the overhead lockers have already been filled. The reason why people bring bigger hand luggage for a starter is those ridiculous charges for hold luggage. It costs more to put your luggage in hold than it is to fly.

Now I am a well travelled person. In recent months all passengers, including their hand luggage have boarded on time and are very speedy at that. As we sit down we are told that due to air traffic control we have to sit here for at least 20 minutes. It’s those airplanes on the runway that delay our travel time. Not mine, let alone your current hand luggage size.

Check In Your Hand Luggage For Free

It’s at check in they should be scouting for your hand luggage. Which is the case anyway. I am finding in the last year, airlines such as Easyjet, RyanAir, British Airways and Vueling and I could go on and on. Most airlines now give you an option to take your hand luggage from you before boarding. I’m finding luggage delivery in most cases is faster than you going through customs.

How Environmentally Is This

Now it’s clear most airlines are making a loss. So obviously this is a ploy for them to make more money from you as a passenger. But that aside, the small changes of hand luggage size is ridiculous. The excess waste that will occur is a bad message from airlines when it comes to saving the planet. Can you imagine all the old style hand luggage that will become obsolete? Throw it out is my guess.

Airlines Reduce Hand Luggage Airports (2)

Current Size Versus The New Proposed Size

Hand luggage and understanding the requirements is a nightmare in itself. How one reacts at airports can have you arrested. What has it cost you in excess luggage over the years when you get it all so wrong. It’s a character defining moment for sure. Now it’s all about to cost us even more.

If all airlines adopt the proposals, the new limit would see the maximum size of a carry on bag cut to 21.5 inches tall, 13.5 inches wide and 7.5 inches deep. Okay, for those who don’t even understand inches, then just look at what other airlines are doing right now in cm. The UK, when it comes to universal measurements, is a law unto itself.

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This is currently what it stands for now at least well I am not sure. Oh what the hell.

I am due for new hand luggage. Good thing I have not bought one yet.