For those who love beauty as well as function, these luxury vintage suitcases will make a beautiful addition to your car. Timeless vintage leather suitcases are always used in movies such as James Bond, No Time To Die in his Aston Martin. A vintage suitcase is a passion already popular in the 60s. Vintage items are nothing about air travel. It’s a shopping experience that takes you back to some iconic movie in the past. Such as Sophia Loren walking the streets of Rome in Italy.

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Suitcases It’s A Lifestyle

Many people today rent luggage set for props. Or if heading to a hotel for the weekend in your Rolls Royce. They are a wonderful vintage piece of nostalgia to use as carry-ons heading into your hotel at Hotel Excelsior Lido in Venice. This hotel is all about the Venice film festival and famous stars arriving in a Riva boat.

You can find leather suitcases on eBay or Vestiaries. I won a Dior red vintage suitcase. It looks divine on a carousel heading for train travel.

Vintage suitcases such as the iconic names including Louis Vuitton, Dunhill and Hermes are leading the field and remaining very collectable items that are functional but also design objects in their own right.

You won’t find these in a thrift store. But Vintage streets like in Amsterdam are wonderful places to find these luxury labels.

Christie’s Director of Textiles Pat Frost sums it up well,

Harking back to a golden age of travel, vintage luggage encapsulates the glamour and decadence of a bygone era when journeying to a foreign land involved adventure, romance and style.

You can’t replace old luggage’s when it comes to airline history.

Aston Martin classic car james bond no time to die leather vintage suitcases (5)

Goodwood Revival

Whilst at the famous classic car racing event called Goodwood Revival. I noticed many cars with vintage suitcases used as props. Some also included straps, which could be used as a shoulder bag. Inside there was lovely silk used depending on the manufacturers. I also own a Cartier suitcase commissioned at the time for Royalty. Often used for famous luxury train travel on the Orient Express.

Suitcase Fashion – The Vintage Cases Are Back

Suitcase Fashion – The Vintage Cases Are Back

Private Jets

During this pandemic, more private jets have been commissioned for easier travel. So this wonderful and niche stylish luggage. Are a perfect way to showcase your luggage style. people do judge your luggage when at airports. During this time of Covid 19. The need to purchase and dress up is wonderful for anyone’s mental health.
Suitcase Fashion – The Vintage Cases Are Back
Travel Fashion 1973, Mick & Bianca Jagger

In the Rolls Royce, I always had a vintage suitcase to take me back in time.

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Vintage Louis Vuitton

Brilliant suitcases for travel even in 2021. If you are seeking luggage from Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelly Christies Auctions are a perfect starting point. It gives more meaning when the suitcase has a vintage history. These places are a safe search knowing it’s all authenticated for resell value.

Suitcase Fashion – The Vintage Cases Are Back LV
Suitcase Fashion – The Vintage Cases Are Back

Christie Auction

Christie’s Auction promotion and these below are 1970’s cases that still look fabulous today.
Suitcase Fashion – The Vintage Cases Are Back
CocoK Suit Cases
CocoK Suit Cases


Globetrotters are always replicating leather vintage suitcases. Not practical for an Easy Jet weekend but it’s all about driving in your Classic Fiat or Jaguar F Type. Reliving the past as they did in a slow lifestyle countryside lake district tour.

Suitcase Fashion – The Vintage Cases Are Back
Fiat Balilla Gracie Opulanza Tuscany Italy classic car (5)
Fiat 1933 Balilla Italy Gracie Opulanza Villa Reale
There is nothing like the smell of quality and it’s call classic cars and leather.