Timeless vintage travel bags are items that are coming back into vogue. Is suitcase fashion the next big trend to take over our airports?  Well I certainly hope so?

Despite the tough economic climate and low consumer confidence, travelling  is still a dominant part of our lives.  When travelling on my own,  I’d like to add some glamour and class to my travels. I decided to use my black leather, Antler vintage hat box as hand luggage. I could not believe the attention I received?  People were asking me where did I get it from? And they loved the idea.  It  suddenly dawned on me, the lack of stylish, unique suitcase  fashion around the airport.

Vintage suitcases such as the iconic names including Louis Vuitton, Dunhill and Hermes are leading the field and remaining very collectible items that are functional but also a design objects in their own right.

Christie’s  Director of Textiles Pat Frost, sums it up well:

Harking back to a golden age of travel, vintage luggage encapsulates the glamour and decadence of a bygone era when journeying to a foreign land involved adventure, romance and style.

Where Can I Buy The Modern Vintage Replica Suitcases?

Vintage suitcase

What I felt like last week at the airport

Travel Fashion 1973, Mick & Bianca Jagger

Vintage LV

Christies Auction promotion 19th May 2012

Gracie Opulanza ‘s Fashion Inspiration for Suitcase Trend 2012

CocoK Suit Cases

CocoK Suit Cases

Modern version of the vintage suitcase

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