The fashion and lifestyle calendar can oftentimes be predictable and so cliche and boring. Regarding marketing,  the new season of fashion hitting shops in February and August. But there is a new order for 2019, that I want to get across, and that is empowering hidden fashion designers that empower women in difficult situations. MM, Mihaelamarkovic is a knitwear luxury brand based in Croatia, who does that!

MM Artisanal collection is made in collaboration with hand knitters based in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Stunning designer Mihaela has chosen to work with women in difficult economic situations with extraordinary skills. 

Teaming up with MM, for a few years now empowers me to support Mihaela Markovic dreams.

When driving cars I get very hot, so merino wool is the perfect fabric to keep me cool.

Gracie Opulanza Rolls Royce Phantom MenStyleFashion (4)

Rolls Royce Phantom

Mihaelamarkovic GIA Dress Red Gracie Opulanza (3) Ferrari

Ferrari GTC4 Lusso T V8

Luxury Knitwear

So, rather than supporting a new season trend report, I present a new-season inspiring women to support fashion designer MM. A collection of stunning handcrafted knitwear like no other.

First up, we chose red or what I call Ferrari red due to my passion for life. It is an uplifting colour and empowers me when it comes to driving luxury cars, making a bold statement and being noticed!

Nothing is subtle when it comes to what I do, especially working in a male dominated industry such as the luxury car industry.

The clothes I wear always have to feel amazing and MM ticks all those boxes! MM, stand out unique pieces invoke and out-of- office mindset.

My lifestyle message is about,  Wish you were here, there or anywhere!

Mihaelamarkovic Knitwear Mihaelamarkovic Knitwear

High Society

This years fashion trends,  is a return to powered-up glamour calls for larger – then – life statement pieces. The reality is the everyday woman has no time for this Vogue unrealistic approach. So when driving a Rolls Royce Phantom, let alone a Ferrari Lusso, the clothes and accessories do my talking!

When driving this £225,000 GTC4Lusso V8 Touring, I have to wear clothes that move with my braking and handling. The GIA red dress was the perfect outfit that matched the Ferrari iconic red.  When I got out of the car, people got that message loud and clear.

Mihaelamarkovic Knitwear Mihaelamarkovic Knitwear

I got into lifestyle fashion journalism, because I want to create fantasy, dress up so called experiences! 

In where the everyday of me being a mother is about transformation power of unusual beauty. By using the environment and the luxury accessories around me,

This month, I choose to create my Phantom moments, a regal dark vibrant shoot was in order. The video is a snippet of how stunning he knitwear is with YVL vintage accessories.

The Female Lifestyle Persuasion

In 2019, I will continue to do what always have. Just being a woman with access to the luxury market,  exploring marketing predictions that will inspire women to run with confidence and do what they love.

In 2019, I have realised, it is a man’s world very much still, when it comes to business.

Women’s voices were drowned out, which is why we are where we are now!

I am in a very niche market, I created!  When it comes to driving obscene luxury oversized cars, for whatever reason?

Wen is comes to women  and cars, the marketing of the past, convinced us to feel we don’t belong and have a voice to share how we feel about cars! Women’s voices were drowned out, which is why we are where we are now! I am making that change and being heard!

Mihaelamarkovic Knitwear

Picture Perfect

There is no point having an amazing car without wearing the brands you love and support. I have worn clothes I hated! Looking back,  I compromised who I was.

My lifestyle is a performance enhancing quest, recreating fantasy that represents me. Wearing the cliche straight out Vogue has and never will be me. This outfit empowers me so much!

The Nature of Luxury, is a bold attempt to dream the not – so impossible dream: I do this by working with fashion designers such as MM, who’s heart is worn and showcased on the very knitwear I am wearing here this month. It is an outfit that can be teamed with other clothing in so many ways.

Fashion, it’s a lifestyle after all! Empowering and supporting MM is what I do, it’s in my DNA.

Mihaelamarkovic Knitwear Mihaelamarkovic Knitwear