Red cardigans can be worn all year round. Knitwear from the brand clothes that my mother wore is a rare find.

The brand is made in collaboration with hand knitters based in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Stunning designer Mihaela has chosen to work with women in difficult economic situations with extraordinary skills. 

Knitwear Cardigans

I chose to wear a red dress and a cardigan made for me. Because Ferarri is historically known for being red. We opted to get this made for my Ferrari opulent lifestyle week. As the car was a pearl white. The red knitwear just worked a treat. During the week I was driving it. the weather got cold and I felt so warm and stylish in this complete outfit.

When driving cars I get very hot, so merino wool is the perfect fabric to keep me cool.

Mihaelamarkovic GIA Dress Red Gracie Opulanza (3) Ferrari

Ferrari GTC4 Lusso T V8

This collection was very comfortable to wear as well. It also was perfect driving a supercar like a Ferarri.

Luxury Knitwear

It takes six weeks to knit the clothing and knowing that my wearing collection is supporting women in need.

Mihaelamarkovic Knitwear

I teamed it with knee-high socks that have pearls on them. It was so cute. The wool fabric feels amazing.

Mihaelamarkovic Knitwear

Casual Glam

My biggest concern during these lockdowns is that everyone is escaping to make an effort to dress casual glam. What I mean about this is this knitwear is casual, warm, and looks glam even when at home.

This lockdown is not the time to stay in your linen pajamas.

It’s a time to reflect and get in that wardrobe and dress up and play.

Mihaelamarkovic Knitwear

As I drove in this When driving this £225,000 GTC4Lusso V8 Touring, I have to wear clothes that move with my braking and handling. The GIA red dress was the perfect outfit that matched the Ferrari iconic red opulent lifestyle

.When I got out of the car, people got that message loud and clear. When driving a Ferrari, make sure you wear red.

Mihaelamarkovic Knitwear

Rolls Royce Phantom

Driving a Rolls Royce Phantom as a woman was very rare and empowering. Every time I got out of the Rolls Royce my message was as empowering as this luxury car.

Gracie Opulanza Rolls Royce Phantom MenStyleFashion (4)


I also teamed the GIA red dress with my bespoke peacock feathers and Stetson hat. it was truly a fashion statement in itself.

You can watch a video of the Rolls Royce Interior Design

Broadoaks Country House & Gardens

I toured the Lake District and stay at a stunning house called Broadoaks Country House with amazing gardens.

Mihaelamarkovic Knitwear

Mihaelamarkovic Knitwear

Whilst sipping on a cocktail I felt and looked very stylish. I also could separate the GIA dress from the cardigan.

Ferrari-GTC4Lusso-T-Everyday-Driving-V8-Four-Seater-13 Ferrari-GTC4Lusso-T-Everyday-Driving-V8-Four-Seater-13

Picture Perfect

There is no point having an amazing car without wearing the brands you love and support. I have worn clothes I hated! Looking back,  I compromised who I was.

My lifestyle is a performance enhancing quest, recreating fantasy that represents me. Wearing the cliche straight out Vogue has and never will be me. This outfit empowers me so much!

The Nature of Luxury is a bold attempt to dream the not so impossible dream: I do this by working with fashion designers such as Clothes That My Mother Wore, Mihaela has a heart of gold and works very hard to support herself and her ladies in Croatia.


She is wearing the noir knitwear collection of 2021.

When entering any hotel. It’s important to wear the clothes that you love and treasure.

Mihaelamarkovic Knitwear