When life gives you lemons, make limoncello. For British womenswear label Secret Of 3, it goes more like when life gives you a second lockdown embrace sustainable long-lasting sleepwear fashion. Secret Of 3 is a lifestyle brand that works with what people want. What I want right now at home is stylish sleepwear, that I can lounge around in.

I want to wear luxury fabrics whilst sleeping, let alone working from home that feels lovely on my skin.

Each item for the Secret of 3 collection consists of Wool, Cashmere, Linen, or Silk. All of these luxury fabrics were chosen from Europe, which I think is brilliant.

At Secret of 3 it wants you to feel really good wearing its sustainable clothing at home. It’s a tough time for us all and the luxury sleepwear brand understands being at home can really affect your mood.

Linen Pyjamas

Secret Of 3 has created beautiful Pyjama linen. The linen is produced in Ireland by Baird Mcnutt. Since 1912 Baird Mcnutt has been making the world’s finest Irish linen.

From their Design Studios on the picturesque north-west Irish coast of Donegal, overlooking Sheephaven Bay on the Atlantic Ocean, to the Weaving facility in Kells, County Antrim, each step in the manufacture is underpinned by our shared values of ethics and sustainability.

Secret Of 3 - Luxury Linen Homewear cashmere wool pyjamas (7) Secret Of 3 - Luxury Linen Homewear cashmere wool pyjamas (7)

Sleepwear and loungewear are literally closest to us right now. So investing in luxury sleepwear is good for the mind. In speaking with founder Dosia, she is committed to working with strict ethical and transparent contributors, manufacturers and suppliers.

This is why I teamed up with Secret of 3, I am for everything made in Europe. These are quality items that will last seasons and represent a sustainable message.

Secret Of 3 - Luxury Linen Homewear cashmere wool pyjamas (4)

The picture behind me is Lucida Mansi,  who was one of the most powerful women in Lucca Tuscany. She always had luxury parties in this Villa called Buonvisi.  When she had enough of her very young lovers, she would kill them.

I do wonder what linen she wore in bed with her lovers?

Secret Of 3 - Luxury Linen Homewear cashmere wool pyjamas (4)

I love chestnuts, this is me cooking some as a night snack.

Fattoria Mansi Bernardini

I am on a massive Tuscan estate here in Italy called Fattoria Mansi Bernardini. I walk the estate picking roses, lemons and vegetables. At 7 am I am walking in my linen pyjamas. I don’t mind meeting people in my pyjamas on the estate.

Secret Of 3 - Luxury Linen Homewear cashmere wool pyjamas (6)

It would be a waste just to sleep in the Charlie glam linen pyjamas.

Secret Of 3 - Luxury Linen Homewear charlie pyjamas made in europe

Sustainable Fashion

Secret Of 3 before Covid-19 already epitomises a new rhythm that fashion. Where it’s not about making screeching about turns- between trends from season to season, but a slow and steady evolution. Where its customers are inclined to find their style tribe and forget about label aesthetics.

This is my ethos in fashion all my life. I loathe fast-fashion labels it makes me feel ill wearing them.

Cashmere Costs

How to spot a fake cashmere?

Wearing fabrics such as cashmere is not about trends. The Victoria 100% cashmere knitted shawl is all about what works for anyone’s body shape. If you never experienced the softness and warmth of the pure cashmere, you are really missing out. This knitted shawl is light as air, yet warm and so comforting. Perfect for a Zoom call. I wore it for eight months in this very cold Villa. It is real, it feels amazing and the imperfections and wool hair that come off is a clear sign that this is real cashmere. This is why it costs so much.

Secret Of 3 - Luxury mitten and sock cashmere homewear (1)

The socks kept me so warm and they feel so soft.

Don’t forget to tag Secret Of 3 Instagram to show me and them how you are wearing your clothing no matter what age you are. This brand can be worn by different age groups and nationalities.

What I look forward to the most is seeing how you in your households are styling your cashmere shawls together with your existing wardrobe.

Have a look at what Sophia Loren is wearing whilst at home. It’s certainly not red carpet attire.

Secret Of 3 - Luxury Linen Homewear cashmere wool pyjamas (4)

Lola And Mel Cashmere Socks and Mittens

I am on a huge estate and walking outside is a must. Nothing is more endearing than wearing Lola Mocca knee high socks with my made in Italy Caretti clogs.

Secret Of 3 - Luxury Linen Homewear cashmere mittens

Of course, l like to pick, lemons, flowers and olives. The Mel mittens keep my hands warm and snug whilst doing so. These are very stylish accessories to use at Fattoria Mansi Bernardini in Tuscany.

Secret Of 3 - Luxury mitten and sock cashmere homewear (3)

Christmas Gift Ideas

I am away from all my family and friends around the globe. A gift is a perfect mental health therapy for anyone. This DORMI 100% Mulberry silk sleep mask collection looks and feels amazing. This silk has unique properties of cell rejuvenation.

Secret Of 3 - Luxury Linen Homewear cashmere wool pyjamas (2) mask silk

What fun it would be to send a family or friend a luxury essential gift item during the lockdown from Secret Of 3  that you can wear together whilst all on a Zoom call.


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Secret Of 3 - Luxury Linen And Cashmere Homewear