What makes a great Airbnb host? What type of hospitality makes an excellent host? I have been using Airbnb for many years and have stayed in some of the worse Airbnbs I could find in Tuscany, Italy. I have been using Airbnb since June 2020 as my home around Europe, Eastern Europe and Asia. I also review luxury five-star hotels around the globe since 2015. When it comes to the hospitality I am a global expert regarding customer service and what is expected of an acceptable Airbnb host. The difference from many years of having very poor hosts is my stay becomes very unhappy and resentful. It has ruined my long-term stay, I don’t sleep and feel very unappreciated.

Mr Tho Garden Villa Hoi An Vietnam airbnb


First Impressions Of A Host

For me an Airbnb host and their demeanour are important. If they are there to greet you when you give them the time is important. Unless stated otherwise if a host is late, not responding or not answering any questions from the moment I have placed the booking it leaves me stressed and in doubt about the listing. It is important you give the host feedback regarding this.

Mr Tho Garden Villa Hoi An Vietnam airbnb Mr Tho Garden Villa Hoi An Vietnam airbnb

When You Check Into the Property

As a family, it can be very stressful when checking in. So make sure you are mentally prepared to observe the property when you enter. Doný unpack your bags or settle in until you check if the water is running. The listing matches the description of what you booked. I have turned up where the property is not at all what was stated in the listing. Ask the host what is the reason and if you are not happy then contact Airbnb straight away. Make sure you film and take photos to prove your reasons for not staying. This makes it easier for both parties.

Click the box where it states. I don’t feel safe. Why do I do this as Airbnb customer service since the pandemic is nowhere as fast and as good as it was?

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I had an incident in Serbia where a dog bit my husband and we had a nightmare for the next few hours. But I took a video of his injury, and the hospital bill and took photos of the place outside. The host was very accommodating but never trust a host. Get your evidence first-hand. I had another example where we turned up and the house was filthy in Hong Kong. So I filmed left and was reimbursed.

A good host will resolve the issue the same day.

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Have Spare Cash

I find now Airbnb does not respond the same evening. I have to fork out more cash to stay in another place. If you don’t have backup cash, expect to be sleeping in your car or on a bench. Airbnb now takes up to five days to resolve issues. I know this can be very stressful for those on a tight budget, but I have heard and read it time after time. In 2023, Airbnb does no resolve issues on the same day anymore.

Amenities Not Working

I had this in Greece and Italy on several occasions where the washing machine was broken. My Airbnb is my home so I found this very frustrating. Contact the host and ask for a solution. I just recently had no working air conditions in Vietnam and Greece where it was broken or not working properly. If your host does not respond, contact Airbnb. Now, In Greece, it was 42 degrees I could not stand the heat inside. We filmed it not working and we rebooked but once again the refund took up to five days to be resolved.

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In Vietnam, it happened twice the engineer came out but they could not resolve it straight away. They were excellent hosts and changed flats for us and upgraded us. Give your host time to resolve the issues and make sure you state that in your feedback.

If the TV is broken, the lights, kitchen has not had basic tea cups, plates, or cutlery make sure you give the host the time to give you what you need.

I had a situation where it was stated that the kitchen had everything for cooking and nothing was provided.

I have had no tea towels in a lot of Airbnb’s in Italy. For the bathroom, the tiniest towels for drying. Make sure you contact the host and a good one will resolve it. Kitchens are why I rent a spacious Airbnb and I am baffled as to why they are equipped so poorly.

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Reflect this in your feedback.

Back Breaking Furniture

My worse Airbnb was in Lucca Tuscany. Old beds and chairs have been held together by plastic wrap. Pillows flat and old as a written pancake. Beds that broke my back and fifty-year-old mattresses. The carpet was filthy like dirt in the garden. The water pressure not working at all in the kitchen. A vacuum cleaner dated back to the 1980s. No wine glasses and lounges broken and filthy. The host was not accommodating at all. To get to the flat I had to climb 250 stairs which were not stated in the listing. It was truly horrible Airbnb for 2023. Make sure you write a detailed review of what the reality of your property is about.

The host was NOT accommodating and rude. I find this often in Italy. Don’t tolerate it, make sure you reflect it in the review too. In Italy, hosts have the wrong mindset that they are doing you a favour. They also create lots of rules on what they expect from a family. On big villas, there are so many rules it can become very uncomfortable. I had this last year, due to me speaking Italian I told them to tone it down we are the paying customer. I left it in the feedback, the issue here was five places were owned by five different members and one was being rented as an Airbnb. The other family members did not like it at all. This meant trouble and I stated it in the Airbnb review. A good host will make sure issues are resolved, on this occasion, the host said it was common feedback and he was at a loss on how to resolve it.

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Stained Bed Head And Linen

I have never seen something so disgusting as stains on furniture, ripped bed linen and more stains. It’s just horrible feng shui. Make sure you take photo’s film it. I also had it recently where stains on the bedhead were obvious. Contact the host and make them aware of it. On occasion, cleaners especially in Asia will not be proactive and clean them. As a host in Italy, I find that they seem to think paying cleaning fees is a bonus for them and I have to leave the place as I found it. This is against Airbnb rules.

I always take my trash out and don’t leave dirty dishes. But in saying that, I have paid cleaning fees so I am not expected to leave the place super clean. My often negative feedback is only in Italy and it’s always they had to clean the place. I think Airbnb should delete those comments. We pay for cleaning.

Film your Airbnb when you leave for unexpected false claims of broken furniture. Italians are notorious to try and claim for furniture that is already broken. A good host will be fair and accommodating when items break.

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Electric Sockets Broken

It is essential to make the host aware of broken sockets, wires hanging out and anything dangerous immateriality. I had this in Asia and also in Greece where the pipe in the toilet was hanging over the toilet and left me with a nice scar as I did not expect to see it. Again leave it clear in the review. Covid is over and hosts need to regain professional manners at all times.

Terrible Noisey Neighbours

In Venice, I was on the fourth floor of a big flat. The neighbours above me who lived there were students and would play games all through the night. This is a real challenge but does contact your host and make them aware. My host didn’t care about it. So I found out that in Venice after midnight you can call the local police who deal with this. Venice is a tight place for living and I could literally peek into my neighbour’s home and see everything. I was staying here for two months and tried to resolve the issue amicably. It did help I spoke Italian and after numerous attempts to ask the students to be considerate, I got the police involved which sorted everything out.

On this occasion, you can put up with it or take matters into your own hands. The feedback was reflected in how the hots did not handle the situation.

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Should You Tip Your Host

I am currently in one of the best Airbnb experiences I have ever had since 2018. The host here at Mr Tho Gardenn Villa in Hoi An Vietnam is just the perfect host. The ambience and the attention to detail within the homes are excellent. The feng shui is beautiful and the bed linen is clean alongside clean walls and dedicated furniture for a comfortable digital nomad stay.

The kitchens are well equipped with dedicated working airconditioning and washing machines. The host’s awareness of us as a family is above and beyond the call of duty. The host organised a birthday cake for my daughter. She gives us fresh juices and I had brain fog and she made me the best tea from Vietnam ever.

Mr Tho Garden Villa Hoi An Vietnam airbnb Mr Tho Garden Villa Hoi An Vietnam airbnb

A good Airbnb host will give me ideas for wallpaper trends and interior design for tropical living.

Mr Tho Garden Villa Hoi An Vietnam airbnb

The garden is stunning and full of local wellness that only can be found here in Vietnam. It is a quiet place and karaoke is a big thing here, so on occasions we can hear it which is rare. Vietnamese love to blast music they are very loud people.

Our host also includes my daughters in their family activities. The pride and joy of hosting us are why it has to be the best Airbnb experience ever. I am here for three weeks and will be returning again.

I am the first guest in two years and it’s wonderful to be part of a culture here in this accommodation. I will be giving them the best gift of all and promoting the place on my platforms for future bookings.

Make sure you always take the time to acknowledge excellent hosts as they are not easy to find.

In my last four months in Thailand, Ko Samui hosts were not good at all. I will be returning to the island finally having my own very place and i will be an Airbnb host myself.

If you don’t want to host and do your best, then don’t bother becoming an Airbnb host the money is not what it is all about.

Mr Tho Garden Villa Hoi An Vietnam airbnb Mr Tho Garden Villa Hoi An Vietnam airbnb Mr Tho Garden Villa Hoi An Vietnam airbnb