In these times we need beauty and stories; we need to dream. I am dreaming big here in Tuscany with antique furniture and interior designs as I explore many Villas for sale here in Italy.

The Pleasing Antique Italian Interior Design Guide

Innovative and effective, the Italian interior design is much more than a styling move. If you are looking for the best solution to furnish and decore your home, you will certainly have to pay attention to the Italian interior design tips.

The Pleasing Antique Italian Interior Design Guide

Introduction To Italian Interior Design

The following images and links are team by me so make sure you use this article as a browser or a newsletter. There may be similar content but I assure you my images are 2021 up-to-date villas for sale here in Tuscany. The Italian decor is like no other as some of the villas I am exploring date back  17th-century and more.

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Buy before you buy like Villa Mansi here in Lucca which is up for sale at 19million.

Villa Mansi Tuscany lucca

Italian Interior Design And Communication

When walking to these villa’s make sure you wear good hiking boots.

GO Red Hiking Boot Made In Italy 2021


When visiting Villas and their owners or an 18th-century Villa in Italy. The vibrant Tuscan-style designs vary. Along with the architect and the traditional old world.

I am always taken back in time as I explore the villas. As the seller explains their personal information on what Italian living rooms or spaces are all about.

The Italians have an elegant but eclectic style and the Italian decor is like is one browsing experience. Like this Italian music floor. The current owner and seller of the villa used to work in the factory that made this mosaic flooring.

Italian Antique Furniture Interior Design (12)

Italian Interior Design And Nature

Endless stunning views and nature as far as the eye can see. The Italian furniture is all about storytelling. The endless high-quality leather used through the villas is a work of art in itself.

Always on display are vintage suitcases. A sense of nostalgic travel comes to mind.

There are always ample examples of traditional Italian design that has lasted hundreds of years. Antique furniture let alone Italian cloth is durability one can never find today.

mosaic floor Tuscany

Italian Interior Design And Style

Just imagine endless amounts of silk cloth, Italian cotton, and velvet. Each armchair or sofas is teamed with a rustic styling displaying good taste. Plenty of colorful accessories to match the neutral color palette which all-villa walls have.

antique bedding linen italy

The bedhead was made out of Italian clay. the bed linen is all cotton made in Italy. All for sale.

The villas are perfect examples of contemporary interior designs. The colour bronze will always pear at you. Whether it is in Venice, Rome it Milan home design here is like no other in the world.

floral antiques italy

Each mantel is displaying a piece of crockery which is an artwork in itself. It’s lie exploring design firm studio peregalli.

italian crockery Antique

Italian Interior Design And Natural Elements

Visiting a villa is an antique dealer’s dream. Here in Europe baroque style is often found but in Italy, it’s different compared to Paris, France. There are endless amounts of iron chandeliers used in the villas and the more modern Italian design furniture are always replicas of Italian decor.

italain antique

Crockery Display Of Art

I have seen so many beautiful tea and coffee cups. Handpainted crockery to die for. They tell a story like this one for sale in the villa. What a great location shoot.

Italy is all about, fashion, eating, and el fresco dining. So when you are offered a coffee in their home. Make the time as you will not regret it.

tuscany villa al fresco dining

crockery teapots coffee cups

Italian Interior Design And People

When buying a villa here in Italy. My key advice is to engage with the seller as much as you can. From first-hand experience, Italians will not sell to the highest bidder. They sell to who they feel and liken too.

Italians inherit these villas and the story and history run very deep. So when buyers are seeking that part of Italy. Remember you are buying the seller’s soul and history too. Bargain too hard and you will lose the deal, even in tough times.

Always green decor in villa homes.

bedroom villa green tuscany

Win the family, win your dream. Learn the art of communication and learn some basic Italian. It will only work in your favour. They are very romantic and some can be very flirty.

Living in Italy is the land of love, eat, olive oil, pray and passion. Selling in Italy is a tough game as many agents have the same villas on their books.

The Pleasing Antique Italian Interior Design Guide

I know from first hand recently a very rich guy lost all three deals. Simply because the owners did not like him and her.

antique art

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