I have never entered a hotel with so much eclectic interior design furniture, pillows, artwork and tapestry ideas in my life. I could never imagine that so many colours teamed together would work.

There are so many uses of velvet made up of what is selected from different sources. This hotel is not following anyone system. As of philosophy, goes regarding interior design there are no rules to the colours used or the fabrics teamed together to make each room as outrageous and fun as I saw today.​

How do these examples below make your palazzo warm, cosy and colourful?

Michele De Fine Aragosta orange leather bag Gracie Opulanza made initaly (2)

Velvet Furniture

There are so many wonderful colourful lounges and chairs throughout the hotel. The purple or violet is a warm colour for an old 16th-century palazzo. Keeping these palazzos warm is hard work

The use of different warm colours teamed with velvet different shapes of pillows is why this old palazzo transformed into a modern-day wellness retreat. Great for frustration moments within your home.

pillow homes

The combination of circular shapes using metal and velvet also teamed with a Murano glass chandelier and tapestry art throughout the room. Brings a new and refreshing take on this palazzo.

Wooden Ceilings

In Venice wooden ceilings and also in old Villas in Tuscany are common. So how do you bring warmth and balance the colour tones which for a wooden ceiling is normally very dark wood?

On this occasion light dusty pink chairs, plenty of lighting with contrasting of orange and gold. Effortlessly turns a very dark room into light and life. The owner can sit here and read or take part in Zoom meetings while enjoying views across the garden.

Palazzo Heureka Venice 16th Century hotel 2021 (31) Palazzo Heureka Venice 16th Century hotel 2021 (31)

Earthy materials, such as wood, were high on the wish list, as well as plenty of vintage elements to reflect a modern palazzo style.


The lighting wall lamps are a marvellous way of adding more light to dark spaces. A vintage rug leads the eye past glazed walls to a creative workspace. The rug provides some warmth and pattern as soon as you walk in.

tapestry art italy


Curtain and the layering of curtain using famous Rubelli made in Italy fabrics. is like icing on the cake.

Bare Brick Walls

Stripping the brick back to its original colour is a brilliant idea to highlight the architectural designs of the structure of this 15th Century palazzo.

Palazzo Heureka Venice 16th Century hotel 2021 (33)


The owner loves colour, so it was important to incorporate it throughout the property. Comfortable dining chairs, upholstered in cobalt velvet, sit around a hexagon dining table. “The hexagon shape contrasts with the angular lines elsewhere. There are plenty of textiles in terracotta hues to soften the bold colours within each room.

velvet art walls velvet art walls

Mural Wallpaper

In this hotel, they have gone for a richer palette in his bedroom to contrast with the lighter tones elsewhere. Clearly opting for flamingos, and everything floral so that was the inspiration. Once they found the mural wallpaper, that worked as the key.

Two bespoke bedsides of rich green Murano glass lamps complement the gold, purple and pink tones and cast a glow along a black veneered wall.

Wonderful interior design colours great for mental health therapy.

Palazzo Heureka Venice 16th Century Hotel 2021 Interior Design Holiday Stay (6)

The opposite wall is covered with highly pigmented paint. A large vintage rug adds more softness to the room as the stone floors are over 500 years old.

Antique Chairs

It’s amazing what you can do with antique chairs regarding reupholstery.

interior design chairs

Contrasting materials such as wood, metal with endless amounts of textiles and pillows allow the comfort of dining both in and outside the dining area.

Hotel hureka venice interior design (3)

A wooden and bamboo chair adds warmth to any room and provides a useful perch, while more curtains bring in the elegant feel.

Hotel hureka venice interior design (3)

Mural Art Wallpaper

Through the hotel, there are so many artworks I could use as a background for my own portraits. Another mural features cities and blossoms. They opted for green hues to use in the rest of the scheme. This space is quite different from the other rooms, but it still has those warm, earthy tones that bring the whole room together.

wedding lace Vintage Lace Venice Gracie Opulanza


How do you create a space where you are not overpowering the fresco?

fresco italy

Use plenty of mirrors, Murano gold and beige lighting. And matching coloured furniture and orange hues as contrasting colours. Lighting is the key to this very dark, overpowering room. Light artwork with deep rich red curtains is also a brilliant example of using many patterns to make the room come alive, warm, cosy and together.

leather furniture

It’s all about balancing once again the stone-cold flooring. On this occasion, they added an oversized bath with gold trimmings. With a ceiling like this one wants to bath, look up and take in this 500-year-old fresco here in Venice.