Orange may not be the only fruit, but as a bold and fearless colour it is the only accessory you need. Thanks to Pantone´s new colour chart, this tangerine tone is now one of the brightest aspects for any seasonal fashion lover’s wardrobe.

I drove a pulse orange Audi TT wearing an orange leather jacket. It is such a powerful opulent lifestyle colour.

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Why Wear Orange?

Wearing orange means you give off a friendly, fun, creative, and bubbly vibe. Personality-wise, it indicates that you are a social person, and you are not afraid to be seen.  In fashion, orange is considered a confident, warm, happy, and energetic colour. Orange during apandemic is an opulent lifestyle statement.

With the eminently awaited spring season just around the corner, thoughts turn to ´days getting longer and colours stronger´ with their warm breezes and high levels of energy that precede winter.

Heavy, fixed fabrics make way for lightweight textiles and flowing silhouettes which help to add a new seasonal liveliness to any wardrobe.

Orange Makeup

To start off with why don’t you wear orange makeup. Or teaming it with an orange cravat as an accessory is another stylish tip.

orange makeup africa

Orange Hair

Some people and over the years opt for orange hair. It’s a fashion statement too.


Sizzling In Orange

Industry gods and creators of colour, Pantone, have added over 210 new shades to their official charts this month, which feature many key looks in orange. Once avoided for its conflicting coordination, this strong colour is not always the easiest to pull off.

It requires a fair amount of confidence, a hint of inspiration and plenty of attitudes. For 2016, this hue has now been given pride of place by the colour trending council which showcased to the world energetic shades such as Aura Orange, Mango Mojito and Dragon Fire which aim to turn the red carpet into citrus heaven.

“There is certain exoticness with orange and many other cultures are now embracing the shades of orange, we are so much more attuned to other cultures that embrace colour”- Leatrice Eiseman (Executive Director Pantone Colour Institute)


seafolly orange

Orange Tones

There are so many orange tones so choose a colour that suits your skin tone.

From tantalising tangerine to trendy terracotta and punchy pumpkin, one of the biggest spring colour trends puts this tincture centre stage. Cumin flared oranges at Celine and Bottega Veneta sit beside the famous classic-orange offerings of Hermes in their trademark colour.

Louis Vuitton´s and Christian Dior´s outwear also join this trend with their re-take on Halloween´s hollowed pumpkin. Even on the high street, there’s tones-a-plenty from leaders such as Cos, Topshop and Whistles highlighting that people are wearing the colour off the catwalks (with a recent search on Asos bringing up nearly 1,200 orange items.)

A handbag is a subtle way of wearing orange.

Bright yellow also makes an anything but a low-key appearance in this citrus celebration with inches of style files suggesting that the best pairing for this key colour is an equally vivid lemony one when the idea is to accent a clean and minimal silhouette which is in swing with so many fashion houses.



Orange swimwear is a fantastic way to trend this colour. Seafolly has many options shapes to suit your body type.

Retro Chic At Gucci

So far, international fashion trends and a love affair with the ’70s (thanks to Gucci and Moschino´s latest collections) have made these warm, comforting hues that were once the family favourite for suburban interiors, ignite the fashion industry from the catwalk to sidewalk.

Whatever your view on this latest trend, one thing´s for sure; the future´s bright, the future´s orange.


Orange is always in fashion you can never go wrong in investing in orange.

Orange Oversized Handbag.

I wore an oversize orange bag with my Prada vintage black dress.

The two colours as a combination were very stylish indeed.

Gracie Opulanza London Fashion Wek 2015 Orange

Orange looks great at any age. You can read more about lady orange here.

If it is all too much just eat an orange permission fruit.