I’ve not worn a slip for years. Do women really find a use for them as a sexy undergarment? The slip is a straighter cut, or tighter to the body than the skirt over it. It can stay down and in place to keep you covered.

I find slips are worn to create an opulent lifestyle message.

Silk Slip Dress

In the past women wore a slip just hidden under the outfit. On other occasions, a slip that shows is used for matching the slip to your outfit.

The slip is not extinct by any means and many women still wear a slip under a dress or skirt largely to protect their modesty.

The linings under dresses these days has shown the lack of interest in slips today.

slip dress

Why Wear A slip

When you’re wearing other layers like bras or pantyhose, slips are designed to smooth over any bumps from hardware, closures, or digging waistbands. Without a slip, your outer layers of a blouse or dress may hug to these other parts of your body which can look very unflattering.  But wearing a slip gives you more coverage for smooth lines. on your body.

With a slip layered underneath, your sweat and natural body oils will absorb into the slip and not the dress, meaning that you can quickly hand wash only your interior layer.

Sexy Silk Slip As A Dress

If you are bold and have the figure for it. Why not opt to wear a silk slip as a dress?  In Dubai this week my friend Margherita was modelling this silk dress for Russian designer Solangelann.

You can follow her on Instagram Margarita Pogosyan.

solangelann white silk dress (2)

The tambour beading trimmings just added to this timeless but elegant slip dress.

As we are all at home working. What we are wearing is very boring. This silk slip dress is a lovely alternative than a frumpy PJ. It can be easily dined in and of course with your loved one. A very sexy little number for a romantic night.

Christmas Attire

I am in a Villa In Italy and have been working on my interior designs for weeks now for Christmas. As New Year is going to be a stay home event. I would certainly opt for a silk slip dress.

solangelann white silk dress (2)

Dance the night away.


I would opt for a stylish watch  

I would team this with a silk turban.

Regarding shoes, I would keep your high heels simple and neutral as shown above.

If all fails you can always sleep in a slip.