The cosmetic market has plummeted for 2020. The simple reason is women can’t try on lipstick. We can’t even wear it on our lips due to mandatory mask regulations.

You can’t wear lipstick whilst wearing a mask. It tastes horrible.

So what can remotely come close to having lipstick on our lips?

Chocolatier expert Azra has decided to make edible chocolate lipstick.

Azra Chocolate - Eatable Lipstick (2)

I think this is such a beautiful gift idea. The packaging is small and the concept of eating chocolate as lipstick is so mentally rewarding.

Don’t you miss wearing anything on your lips?

It is a season to be jolly. In recent weeks I spoke to so many women that need pampering. Chocolates are a girl’s best friend.

These chocolate lips are a playful gift idea. Imagine opening the box expecting some normal shaped chocolates. To then discovered they are lipsticks made out of  Belgium chocolate.

Life Is A Box Of Chocolates

I know this year I have learned that life is a box of chocolates. You don’t know what you are going to get let alone what the chocolate is going to taste like. Until you take that bite.

Azra Chocolate - Edible Lipstick

These exclusive edible Chocolate lipsticks are handcrafted in the UK, using the finest Belgian chocolate, and then hand-finished and wrapped to stunning effect, ready to give to any lady who deserves a luxury treat.

I melt the chocolate lipstick slowly on my lips. It tastes yummy and is such a lovely experience.

Azra Chocolate - Edible Lipstick

You can also buy edible chocolate shoes.

The chocolates take time to create so make sure you place your order soon. These chocolate lipsticks are a gift you can buy anytime of the year.

Pamper yourself and your friends and buy some chocolate lipsticks.