Are you not amazed at how we have adapted so quickly regarding working from home? Are you overdosing on different Zoom forum interviews? Are you not intrigued by how using technology, you can see what people’s homes look like?

Do you notice people’s choice of Zoom background whilst watching interviews?

Let me talk about why your zoom background is very crucial to how you represent yourself in the digital world.

zoom call

Zoom Background

Are you not distracted by the person’s choice of background during a work interview? Does a person’s zoom background play an important public role, regarding being taken seriously for business?

Zoom - Background Interview Tips

We have all had plenty of time to get our home office business ready for when we are zooming.

Opt for nature backgrounds during zoom calls. It’s wonderful for mental health during a lockdown.

Zoom backgrounds for the office (2)

Zoom backgrounds for the office (2)

Popular Zoom Backgrounds

I am seeing, bookcases used as a very popular background. The message is very direct, you are intelligent and love to read.

Some people are in their bedrooms with toys as a popular background. I laughed when I was interviewing a top car designer and there was barbie in the background. It highlighted that he obviously is a family man and in his daughter’s room.

I am also seeing economists, using their lounge room with a wine case in the background. I noticed week from the week the wine case seems to be getting low.

Do you think the above backgrounds are appropriate for business meetings?

There are also technology interviews that have a white wall background with a snowman on the wall. With a dead plant.

Zoom - Background Interview Tips

Dress Up

I bemoan anyone joining an online work meeting looking dishevelled. ‘I’ve been quite struck by sitting in Zoom meetings with people in them and then women just look like they’ve given up on life. Zoom is part of our stay-home life. So make an effort.

They haven’t washed their hair or put make-up on and they’re in a tracksuit so you automatically think,

“Oh no, are they really down about life?

Zoom backgrounds for the office (2)

Zoom backgrounds for the office (2)

Your Zoom Background Is Import

Choose nature as a background if you have that option. In a world that is on lockdown, we are all craving nature. I have amazing mountain views and when I show that everyone smiles with envy. It is an excellent opening for a positive interview. Keep your background as simple as possible so it does not distract your viewer’s attention

zoom office

Your choice of chair is powerful too. I have a very curvy designer chair which makes me feel I am in the board room. Designer chairs in the home will be a trend.

People are exchanging their wardrobe for furniture.

Flowers are also another welcoming idea. You can tell a lot about how a person is feeling by their choice of floral arrangements.

Zoom - Background Interview Tips

Make Sure Your Family Knows When Not To Enter

Make Sure No Naked bodies are walking around in the background!

Last week in Spain, 2020 a naked woman who ended up proving his affair was seen walking in the background naked.

Communicate with your family members or those living with you.  Not to come into the room during Zoom.

Zoom - Background Interview Tips

Interruption during an interview or business hour does not reflect your professionalism.

Your Personal Fashion Image

What you wear will attract the right engaging audience. If you are unemployed the clothes you wear will be judged. Especially as you are up against many other millions of people. Do your hair, put make-up on, and wear a bright lipstick called victory red.

If you have an audience make sure you make an effort and wear a plain bright shirt! Your dress should represent the season you are in. Don’t reveal too much as it can be very distracting.

Pussy bows are brilliant items of clothing to wear during business hours.

Kate Middelton Purplr bowtie shirt

Fully Dress Yourself

Last week a news reporter wore a suit and thought it was not important to put on his trousers.

The whole world saw him in his underwear. The way you present yourself on Zoom during this pandemic is how you will go down in history.

In this example, this news reporter got caught with his pants down, literally. So when it’s work time get dressed as if you are going to the office.

caretti clog vibram sole (2)

This is me walking around the estate. Wearing a lace blouse. So when I have to take a call I am officially ready.

Pin Stripe Blazer

You can never go wrong wearing anything pinstripe or chequered patterns. It shows your business side.

pinstripe suits

Skin Care And Personal Hygiene

Wash your face and brush your teeth. Nothing worse than seeing someone that looks like they just got out of bed. Use skincare scrubs, and rehydrate your skin often. Staying inside is not a normal part of living.

I have a Braun silk epil 9 flex which is a face exfoliator.


Vintage Makeup

Wearing victory red lipsticks and make up that is Lady Gaga bright like in the House Of Gucci. Is an excellent message you are working in your home office.

Opt for 1980’s makeup and lots of colours.

Covid 19 - Wear Victory Red Lipstick

Mental Health

If you are using zoom for business and don’t feel up to the interview. Don’t do it. Keep your professional face and defences on at all times. It is more than ok to do this. You and I know this Covid 19 has destroyed our access to personal freedom. And in most cases destroyed our jobs and future incomes.

It t is very hard to digest. Don’t drink alchol during business zoom meetings! This looks like you are not coping.

Zoom - Background Interview Tips

Plus it is not a professional message you want to get across.

Turn Your Camera Off

Make sure when you go to the toilet to turn your camera off. If you moving about the home turn your camera off. Just simply state your position and they will understand.

A headteacher went to the toilet during a staff meeting. Practice turning the video on and off. You have to sign out of your zoom meeting, not just simply shut your computer off.


Don’t wear too much jewellery. In such a pandemic where unemployment is very high. Expensive choices can be off-putting.  The gap between rich and poor now is ever increasing. Wear a simple silver necklace or a small pendant. One with a symbol is a nice subtle message for your views to hang in there and have hope.

I like to wear my Cocoon necklace it was inspired by The Emperor Moth story.  The pupa has to be inside the cocoon, before it can become full-grown, into the majestic Emperor moth.  This gave birth to the concept crafted into this pendant.



A vintage watch is also a nice touch. Nostalgia fashion is such a healer right now. Our past life will be treasured more than ever.

Earings are also powerful messages and features, during a Zoom interview.

Our inspiration for Daphne came from Metamorphoses by Roman poet Ovid. Daphne is described as the daughter of the river-god


Be Positive And Human

I am talking to people in business more than ever. Showing concern for others is the humane thing to do.

You and I know that we don’t have to fake who we are. By connecting through the digital world we are all surviving and this is so important right now.

Depending on who you are zooming wear a turban.


Hair & Makeup

Make sure you brush your hair, put makeup on, and don’t look like you have just got out of bed. Fashion is powerful at all times.