Bow Ties for Women

This season and the next us women should get a hold onto the Bow tie.  How do you embrace the Bow Tie? It’s simple with a chic attitude. Bow Ties can be worn either as a blouse or in your hair. For summer the  men’s floral Bow Ties are so worth getting your hands onto.

Why Wear Bow Ties?

They are a fabulous gift for all occasions. They don’t date. When you wear them it just brings a great smile on everyone’s face. They are clear personality winner. Men once you get tired of them don’t fret. Why? The collections are fantastic this summer and us women can wear it too.

Who Sells Summer Bow Ties?

London Liberty’s, Paul Smith and thishumbleabode are a great start to get your summer bow.

Bow Ties - For women 2013

London Fashion Week 2013




Photo shoot in Melbourne – bow tie fashion

bow ties fashion for women

Another way you can wear Bow tie