Bow Tie Versus the Pussy Bow. What on earth is the difference?

Pussy Bow

It is of similar fashion to the bow tie but has a larger knot and drooping ends. The length of the scarf can be up to 1.60 metres (5.2 ft) long and is knotted in the same way as a bowtie, but forms two falling shells and two free ribbons.

The Crown Lady Diana wearing pussy bow

Princess Diana loved wearing a pussy bow at public events.

Kate Middleton was wearing a purple Gucci Pussy Bow. According to fashion police, she was wearing it back to front (apparently the pussy-bow was meant to trail down the back.

This season and the next us women should get a hold of the Bow tie.  How do you embrace the Bow Tie? It’s simple with a chic attitude. Bow ties can be worn either as a blouse or in your hair.

Kate Middelton Purplr bowtie shirt


The great thing about a pussy bow is so elegant and zoom stylish. One can team it with leather trousers, jeans or cashmere trousers.

A Bow Tie

Clearly see it’s a unisex accessory. They are a fabulous gift for all occasions. They don’t date.



I find London Liberty’s, Paul Smith, create floral bow ties and they are timeless elegance.

When you wear them it just brings a great smile to everyone’s face. They are a clear personality winner.

Bow Ties - For women 2013


 Clip Bow Ties

They can complete a look by simply buying clip-on bowties that can be clipped onto any outfit. I like how this is clipped onto a very boring shirt.


Team it with a blazer and clip it lower than expected and you have a very niche look.

bow ties fashion for women

Bow Tie With Sleeveless Shirt Or Dress

I like her look because part from the colours. Her striped bow tie stands out. It makes it a very quirky in style.



Studded bow ties are for more youthful look. On a night out one can certainly trend this look.