We all have plenty of time to decorate our homes for the festive season. When decorating your home it is essential to work with what you have as a house. So in my case, this 600-year-old historical Villa is already opulent in lifestyle choices and decorations already. But how can I inject a stylish Christmas vibe to it?

I am in Tuscany in a Villa which has historical artwork from Venice. So I decided to just add some lights to highlight these beautiful pieces.

I wanted to add some dried flowers to soften the overall look.

Fattoria Mansi Bernardini Venice art 2021 Gracie Opulanza (2)

Christmas Tree

I have opted here for some ornaments teamed with cones from the estate. I decided to put flowers around the base for a more Christmas vibe.

Christmas tree

With such a lovely Villa setting it’s not hard to make it very jolly indeed.

Fresh Flowers

You can never go wrong with fresh flowers around the home. I am a huge lover of dusty pink roses.


In a time where we are away from our loved ones. Nature can certainly make us feel relaxed. Looking at beautiful flowers is a lovely way to keep the festive mood intact.


I like to team flowers with red candles to create a festive feel.


Table Setting Tips

The ornaments in the cabinet already give us an opulent lifestyle feel. So using gold balloons, red candles, and lovely crockery then it’s a lovely message regarding celebrating Christmas.

Make time to set your table. Opting for a restaurant feel.

table setting

Everyone appreciates the effort one makes during Christmas. Don’t be afraid to team it with green vases too.


Dress Code For Christmas

Don’t forget to dress up. Leave your linen pajamas in your room. I like to wear my clogs around the villa too.  Tuscany is a beautiful place to dress up.


With a setting like this wear lots of colours and jewelry.

Red is always a powerful colour to wear. on this occasion, I am trending ared cape.

red cape angela facchini tuscany

If you wanting to be inspired by Pretty Woman 1980s dresses then go for it.

Or opt for a bow tie or pussy bow shirt. A very classy look indeed,

Purple colour is very trendy indeed.

Kate Middelton Purplr bowtie shirt


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