One of the very first articles I ever wrote was about Bow Ties. The bizarre thing is I don’t own one bow tie. I guess it has to do with where you would wear them and why. What is it about bow ties that seems to be gender dominant? Yes, it’s certainly an accessory that belongs to guys mostly. Now, what does a bow tie signify about your character? The bow tie hints at intellectualism, real or feigned, and sometimes suggests technical acumen, perhaps because it is so hard to tie.

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Why Woman Would Wear A Bow Tie?

For me, it is all about your personal style and not fashion. Style always defines who you are. With a bow tie, you have to be bold and somewhat risky in wearing it. The trendsetter so to speak. I certainly would wear one more so than ever to stand out. To make a clear statement that I buck the trends. I write about menswear a lot, and therefore I too belong in experimenting with the bow tie. This is why I would encourage you to do step outside the box and go for it.


Don’t be afraid to wear a beret, it is a slick combination if done well with your bow tie.

Would You Wear A Bow Tie For An Interview?

To team your bow tie that will literally have you in knots. will depend on your career path. I dare you to wear a bow tie at your next interview. Work is hard to come by and in order for you to showcase a different side, wearing a bow tie would give the impression that you are not afraid to take risks. Sometimes the difference in people going for the same job is all in the small detail. The people interviewing you may keep observing. However, it certainly will remind them that you’re not afraid to take risks in everyday life.

Denim and bow ties can look striking, soft light fabrics are the key here. I would stay away from black and go for colour and patterns, bold patterns.

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Be creative with your shirts. Choose patterns that will team well with your plain bow tie.

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Don’t forget to mix different fabrics using your bow tie and embrace leather bow ties and braces. The combination will leave your audience all tied up into one big style envy. Fashion is there for the taking but style is all about putting yourself out there.

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