We all have our insecurities and mine is my arms. No matter how thin I get or how hard I work out at the gym, I hate the look of my arms. In my mind, they are huge, unflattering and I don’t like to show them off to anyone. In winter it is fine because I choose my tops very carefully. It is why the best part of my wardrobe is made up of jackets. I have many types of jackets tightly fitted and many jackets with super chic fabrics. However, in summer, it’s where I get frustrated as I need arm cover when it gets too hot. I seem to find it hard to find the right cardigans to cover my arms.


Choose Cardigans That Slim You Down

If you understand your body shape, then you will understand that there are some cardigans that will make you look very slim. Now for me it’s all about my arms and making them look slim and not stocky. I have big breasts so anything with a deep V neck line looks fabulous. Don’t forget about merino wool, it is great for summer to keep you cool. It feels amazing on and looks fabulous all season round.
1. Get a soft, flattering look from a cardigan that doesn’t have any fasteners. These open cardigans create a strong vertical line so you look taller and thinner.
2. Buy long tee or tunic under your cardigan for a short-over-long play on proportion. This prevents your cardigan from looking too boxy or frumpy. Works best with a fitted cardigan.
3. One easy way to give a cardigan instant shape is to add a belt. Place the belt at your true waist (the smallest part) to create a sexy hourglass shape. Bright coloured cardigans are the way forward to bring a new refreshing look to your outfit.
4. Be careful with a long, textured cardigan. I find that longer, chunkier cardigans are best on taller women.
5. Crocheted, lacy and open-knit cardigans can add lots of visual interest to an outfit perfect for summer.
6. Prim and proper works with cardigans. Add a ladylike bow and a sweet shade of pink and you’re set to go.
7. A monochromatic colour scheme is very visually slimming if you ‘re overweight. An open cardigan, preferably hip-length or longer is the most flattering.
However, I will advise that finding your cardigan brand can be tricky. Just keep trying until you find the cardigan that suits you.