Trinny Woodall is a  British fashion advisor, presenter and author. She is best known for presenting the BBC television series What not to Wear, for five series and then Trinny and Sussannah undressed on ITV. They have written several fashion advice books which have become bestsellers in Britain and America, and released their own clothing and underwear ranges. I adore these two because they are at the heart of people who have lost there way. Now that’s the power of fashion is that on the surface people will judge you by how you are looking. It gives a quick impression of where you are in life.

What was Trinny Wearing?

So whilst in A cafe in Nottinghill I spotted Trinny. She graciously allowed me to take a quick shot of her. This defines character because she had just landed from a long haul flight and the last thing you want is press coming at you. But with the excess energy she allowed me to take a shot.

I asked her why she chose to wear what she did?  She literally just landed from a long haul  fight abroad and was wearing  Zara. What would we do without Zara fashion?

When travelling it’s always important to look good and be comfortable. Especially when you are in a rush you don’t have alot of time to think about your outfits too much. Hence tapping into a less expensive label such as Zara. You know you will always look on trend but most of all stylish.

Thanks Trinny for being so accommodating especially at the very given moment she had three children in toe eating cupcakes. It’s a good thing us women can multi task.

Trinny Woodall Fashion wearing a ZARA jacket


Trinny Woodall Fashion wearing a ZARA jacket

Amazing what can happen in a year. If you have the cash, ditch ZARA and go for high end fashion.

Trinny Woodhall Cream Coat and nude lace top

Trinny Woodhall ditched ZARA and kicked butt in this Cream Coat and nude lace top