Trinny’s Tips for All-Around Awesomeness: Shopping with Zara – a Fashion Video Library is a video with Trinny Woodall. Read more about it here. In 2012, whilst in a cafe in Nottinghill, I spotted Trinny in London wearing a ZARA jacket. My blog had just begun and I loved watching Trinny restyle women.

I asked her why she chose to wear what she did?

When traveling it’s always important to look good and be comfortable. Especially when you are in a rush you don’t have a lot of time to think about your outfits too much. Hence tapping into a less expensive label such as Zara. You know you will always look on-trend but most of all stylish.

Trinny Woodall Fashion wearing a ZARA jacket

But I adored how women in the UK, would transform thanks to Trinny and Susannah Constantine. We could all relate to them due to their fashion expert advice.

Trinny has just landed from a flight and had three children eating cupcakes.

She graciously allowed me to take a quick shot of her in her ZARA jacket. I was shocked to hear from her she wore this fast-fashion brand. As I thought she only gravitated towards designer labels.

This is why Trinny is an inspiration when it comes to wearing bold colours. Clearly, she has many fans who love her as a TV star when it comes to the Spanish fast-fashion label ZARA.

Social Media Influence

On her social media and her fashion advice books, every woman of all ages loves to hear and see what today’s outfit episode will be about.

No matter when stepping out. Trinny sticks to a formula highlights on many videos in Britain at the posh ZARA in Sloane Square London.

Trinny admits her foray into social media has been a positive choice, helping her stay connected with followers, and her confidence has grown alongside her subscribers.

I’m not intentionally humorous but because I don’t care and I’ll do whatever I want when I’m chatting to people, they’re engaged and entertained.

Today’s Outfit

Trinny is always in her videos talking about understanding your shade. She is a big fan of wearing a skirt and as a 56-year-old this can be tricky. Trinny is always welcoming women of all ages and shapes to join her at the latest Zara shop up. Loves to do a massive fashion haul on each individual and in most cases once the video is up on Instagram. Her clothes become the next feature on popular sell-out items.

The Fitting Room: Your Handy Rule Of Thumb

She does many videos on guiding women to choose their blazers. She is the Queen of wardrobe styling spree videos.

I love how she runs around like mad women in Trinny’s Zara shop-ups and scouts for favourite new-season pieces.

Women adore this approach and love Trinny’s clothing predictions.

Trinny Woodall Fashion wearing a ZARA jacket

Poor Practice

Trinny is not ashamed to admit on the BBC if there is a white skirt she loves. She would wear it once, keep it clean and return it. This is poor practice and not to be encouraged says Marcel Knobil consumer expert.

Make- Up

She runs her own makeup brand company Trinny London. She is a lover of serums and clearly has a skincare routine. Has regular appearances wearing lip luxe in all her videos. This is a great example of Trinny tribe has formed over many years. Trinny can make any woman look high end without the high-end cash expense. Her books are always a bestseller.

Why Figure Flattering Clothes Are Not Always Fashionable

It’s the season for gorgeous colours so join Trinny Woodall and watch her videos on and t-time blog for tips on how to wear lockdown colours. how to choose your figure-flattering capsule wardrobe.

Know Your Tights Size

Trinny loves sequins and wearing bling. it is important in her own words to know your tights size.

Know Your Fashion Size

As we have all put on weight thanks to lockdown it is important to watch her videos on body size.

Know Your Silhoutte

Trinny in many of her videos and Zara shop -ups teaches you to know your silhouette. You certainly can see the end result if you are ready for a complete fashion haul.

Look For Something You Feel Good In

Trinny is all about making women feel good. She is an expert and known for Trinny’s clothing predictions when it comes to one on one personal shopping. Italian women love layering and wearing clothes that make them feel good.

Know Your Bust Size

If you are seeking today’s outfit Trinny will always teach you to know your bust size. It’s the difference between looking flattering and saggy boobs.

Christina Hendricks is a great example of knowing her bust size.

Get In Your Jeans!

In many of her videos, she also guides and teaches you to get in your jeans with body-forming underwear. A must essential, especially after lockdown life.

Plus Size

Candice Huffine has just won against ZARA who now have to target plus-size women, welcome to XXXL. We can’t shy away from that women are just bigger and don’t care for skinny Trinny looks no more.