Crocheting patterns are a great way to stay warm on a cool evening or chilly day. Customize your look by creating your own knitted and crocheted sweaters. Crotchet is the desired art pieces one are dreaming to wear during a lockdown life. They simply heal the state of mind. Learning the art of crochet is a family affair and helps with depression and feeling defeated.

Wool makes me feel connected to mother earth.

Any sample you see drop em a message and we can do it for you.

Crochet Haute Couture

This dress was made for me. I searched Pinterest for ideas. It has taking many weeks to make this Crochet Haute Couture dress. You can buy it now for 400euro which is a brilliant price. The Global Destination For Modern Luxury starts here when you buy this Gracie Opulanza micro collection dress. Team it with leggings, knee-high boots or simply wear it as a dress over your swimwear.

Hot New Patterns For Crocheting Sweaters And Knitwear Gracie Opulanza 2021 crotchet dress (2)

Great fit for big breasts, bulging tummies and large arms. It’s why I designed it.

Hot New Patterns For Crocheting Sweaters And Knitwear Gracie Opulanza 2021 crotchet dress (2)

Basic Knitting And Crocheting

Take a casual approach on how to learn the art of crochet. A beginner-friendly mindset is a positive way to approach this skill. Sit with another member of the family to make it more fun.

Picking Your Yarns

If you are a beginner I would start watching video tutorials on how to choose and pick your yarns. Start off with 100g for simple construction and get used to working with a crochet hook. Make sure you start with one yarn colour when learning to crochet. I would begin with an understanding of how single crochet stitches work.


How To Create Basic Designs For Sleeve Patterns

There are plenty of crochet sweater patterns that can inspire you to get design ideas.  For your unique sweater make sure you learn how to use a front loop, 3rd loop, and comprehend the width technique.

Sleeve Patterns

This is only when you are in the category of advanced crocheters. They will teach you to slip stitches and turning chains, especially when creating a hem. Just to let you know the foundation chain runs the length of the sleeve, not the width.

Making Your Own Designs

You can’t go wrong with making crochet ponchos, swimwear or a blanket.  They are always a great choice for your handmade wardrobe. And good way to rid of bulky yarn. Search Pinterest, Instagram for ideas.

Materials For Sweaters, Tanks, And Knits

When choosing yarns an approx estimate is always needed. The common yarn size is 100g. Don’t be afraid to use a different colour for your final row. Tanks are perfect to layer year-round over jeans, tanks, and sundresses for a free-spirited festival look!

Crochet sweater

Knit Look Ribbed Crochet Sweaters

Always keep in mind the bust and watch a step video tutorial of people who know how to crotchet. Give plenty of space around the rib area. For a neat finish and smooth seams, make sure that the ribbing matches on the RS of the sweater and place whip stitches into the centre of the DCs, rather than wrapping around the entire stitch.

Crochet sweater

Styles For Sweaters And Cardigans

Etsy is a good place to look for easy pieces when it comes to cardigan styles.  Make sure to find a style that works for you, a friend or a family member.  Delicate cardigan, dress or knitted bra from Gracie Opulanza is crochet creations that are not about being simple.

But feeling and looking beautiful. They are a nice way to keep the chill away during the warmer summer nights. Color Block Crochet Cardigan is the hot trend for summer.  A crotchet hood is always a great gift for kids. Opt for a Super Slouchy sweater very trendy and seen on Harry Styles.

Or opt for a Katie Holmes knitted undergarment bra worn over a knitted cardigan. Gracie Opulanza micro collection offers this colour.

Katie Holmes knitwear bra and cardigan crotchet


A casual Crochet pullover is chic and stylish to wear over your crotchet swimwear. Bathers are so ever-popular to sunbath. To get more ideas, copy a Vintage Style loose Crochet.

crochet swimwear Gracie Opulanza