Nature and its elements is an amazing thing to go up against. The urgency of adrenaline a storm chaser gets, the rush of blood flowing through their veins and causing their heart to pump with each assault of wind and water cannot be beaten by any other man-made simulation. And while we can run in the rain, swim in the river, crawl in a cave, dance barefoot in the grass, we cannot and should not attempt to look the sun in its glorious face. That is a battle that will leave us seeing spots for ages.

So to prepare for war against one of the largest stars in our galaxy we need to enshroud our face, more specifically our eyes with some glass. Vintage glass. And while protective measure like life vests are protective with no fashion sense, sunglasses do not only create an aura of mystery towards the colour of our eyes but they can be an accessory you will be wont to leave the house without.

Vintage glass plus your face equals a statement worth repeating. Each and every sunshine-filled day.

But finding sunglasses that will actually make a positive statement for your face takes a little effort. You need to play matchmaker between the shape of your face and the style, cut and shape of the lens. A few tips and tricks and your trip to sunglass hut will suddenly make sense for your face.


The Round Face: Full Cheekbones, Narrow Forehead and Jaw

For the round face, you do not want to opt for a pair with round lenses or even overly coloured lenses, as these will intensify the shape and size of your face, making facial features seem larger and give the impression of fullness. You should pick a pair, however, with wide rectangular lenses that are generally wider than your face, which will elongate the look of your features.

Designed after the original 1952 pair, the Ray-Ban Wayfarer Tortoise shades are an excellent start.

Vintage Inspired Eyewear - For The Face

The Square Face: Square Jawline, Broad Forehead

The square face is distinguished lines should not be embellished with geometric or angular lenses. The square face is perfect for vintage lenses as it embraces the cat’s eye lenses as well as oval or round ones. Make your eyes profoundly and expressively round with these SXUC Lennon Sunglasses and embrace walking on the wild side.

Vintage Inspired Eyewear - For The Face

The Oval Face: Balanced Cheekbones, Jaw and Forehead

For such a balanced, evenly proportioned face, any shape becomes. Want to dazzle? Search for a pair whose angular lines are softened. Another tip to bear in mind is a hair and eye colour. You wouldn’t want an ensemble that is creatively colourful, to have your sunglasses clash with your own physical features.

Get the party started and slip on a pair of the unique Ray-Ban Clubmaster lenses and be proud of your new vintage edge.

Vintage Inspired Eyewear - For The Face

The Heart Shaped Face: Narrow Chin, Wide Cheekbones and Forehead

The heart shape face is not in love with glasses that are overly embellished, a designer of sunglasses suggests. The heart shape face does love the lenses that emulate the cat’s eyes or are round. Vintage glass is right up your ally, your sweetheart’s face!

Sculpted with your face in mind the bride of your nose needs a little Roberto Cavalli Variscite sunglasses to take centre stage from sunup to sundown.

Vintage Inspired Eyewear - For The Face

The Oblong Face: Narrow Cheeks and Chin, Long Face

Too small or too narrow will give you a pinched look, but with a nice vintage pair that wraps around a bit or are oversized, you can get back to your catwalk through town on your pebble stone sidewalk while screening your eyes from bright lights. Cool is now available in the form of the Dirty Dog Steed shades that will contort around your face to perfection.

So get out there and pick a pair with some vintage-inspired bling that enhances your facial structure will conceal your eyes and lets the sunshine and those ultraviolet rays know that you mean business!

Vintage Inspired Eyewear - For The Face