The colour you wear will determine your mindset. Why wearing the colour purple will make you more productive during stay home office hours.

The color purple is often associated with royalty, nobility, luxury, power, and ambition.

Knit For Mental Health

It’s not something you can do at speed, there’s a rhythmic flow to it, and you’re in control of the motion. That’s why knitting can be an excellent form of accessible mindfulness for people who find it difficult to slow down through things like mediation,”

Great to handle and cope with lockdown life.

The Colour Purple - How To Wear Purple Gracie Opulanza Westeria Tuscany

Me surrounded by endless amounts of Chinese Westeria in Tuscany. Wearing my wool jumper I made during the lockdown. I did this for my mental health.

Purple also represents meanings of wealth, extravagance, creativity, wisdom, dignity, grandeur, devotion, peace, pride, mystery, independence, and magic.

Flowers Tuscany purple

It gave me so much creative strength during the lockdown.

Chinese Westeria Tuscany gracie opulanza

It’s for the above reason I have chosen to have purple silk within my red cape. I also have chosen to get a purple merino wool jumper.

cashmere wool handcrafted gracie opulanza (2

 “At the moment, purple is my colour, with pastel shades growing in popularity. Dressing with a pop of colour from the base up helps me keep spirits lifted during these difficult times.”

Chinese Westeria Tuscany 2021 gracie opulanza (2)

1980’s purple trainers are back.

1980s fashion

Life is like a carpet weaving in and out to make a pattern. With the colour purple, there are so many options to create your own mood board.

It is an uplifting colour to make anyone happy whilst staying at home.

The Colour Purple

Our lives have become very simple and colour needs to be a personal choice in order to keep your mental health intact. I am a big fan of placing lavender in my pillows as a smell. Lavender is an excellent form of distressing in my life. The smell and colour relax me when I am getting overwhelmed being lockdown and in a confined space.

The Colour Purple

Purple Accessories

If you are not confident in wearing the colour purple then start with something on your table as a setting accessory.

Start with an opulent cake. Purple flowers is another option to get into the right colour choice when it comes to choosing your purple.

The Colour Purple

To understand the shade of purple that suits your skin tone. Make sure you choose your colour palette well. This is all about choosing clothes that you love and wearing items that will get your through this pandemic for 2021. Even opt for purple linen pyjamas.

The Colour Purple

If you seeking a colour for your home or interior design then that too will come down to what you are drawn to regarding the colour shade of purple. I am getting a knitwear item done for me and we went through the colour palette chart to understand what purple will suit my olive skin.

Purple Silk Lining

My red cape has a deep rich silk purple lining. I chose this as it reminds me of growing up and watching the priest in church wearing a purple robe. To celebrate the life of Jesus. Choosing and wearing purple is a message of the celebration of serving such a tough year so far for me personally.

I understand how my mood swings work and by wearing anything purple even socks are why I am encouraging you today to start hunting for the colour purple.

Purple even for a zoom background is an uplifting message of hope whilst talking to family and friends.

Did you notice my avatar and links within this article are the colour purple?

zoom purple background


You can also use purple for your furniture within your Italian Villa. They keep it very warm.

Imagine a purple tiled bathroom. It looks amazing and gives colour to your starting day.

purple and gold bathroom

Team it with gold trimmings, tiles and taps.

purple and gold bathroom