Ah, the glamorous quest for the perfect long-term rental in Italy—my current life chapter, penned with a splash of prosecco and a dash of desperation! My name’s Sophia, a lover of all things luxurious and a fashion aficionado who’s called Italy my home-away-from-home since my Airbnb adventures began in 2019. After many a summer in Tuscany, the touristy buzz became a bit too much, and I set my sights on something more authentically Italian. This led me to the charming, albeit elusive, rental market of Italy, where finding a chic long-term home has turned into something of a haute couture scavenger hunt.

Milan Duomo

First off, a little backstory: I’ve been living the high life in various Italian locales, from the rolling hills of Tuscany to the bustling piazzas of Milan. But recently, the siren call of Todi, a picturesque gem in Umbria, captured my heart. I envisioned myself, the kids, and my fabulous shoe collection nestled in a medieval stone house with vine-covered walls and terracotta tiles that echoed stories of yesteryear. Sounds divine, right? Well, cue the dramatic plot twist—thanks to Airbnb, these dreamy dwellings are scarcer than a discount at a Chanel boutique!

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Then, there was Assisi. Oh, Assisi! With streets cleaner than my skincare routine and vistas straight out of a Renaissance painting, it was love at first sight. Yet again, the long-term rental market was as elusive as a quiet moment in Milan during Fashion Week. The offerings were either about as charming as last season’s leftovers or had been snapped up faster than front row seats at a Gucci show.



It seems every quaint corner of Italy has been snapped up and turned into short-term rental gold. The effect? A property hunting saga that feels more like navigating a designer sample sale—intense, competitive, and with the best pieces always seeming to slip through your fingers!

My journey began in the university town of Perugia, buzzing with Gen Z energy and espresso shots strong enough to kickstart any sluggish morning. While the youthful vibe was invigorating, the quest for a stylish long-term abode proved fruitless. Next stop, Spoleto, where the annual Due Mondi festival fills the air with eclectic beats and avant-garde art. Despite its cultural vibrance, the long-term rental scene was as barren as a runway after fashion week.


Choose The Right Car

Oh, the perils of Italian road adventures in a manual Peugeot! Let me tell you, after 10 days of navigating the steep, gear-grinding hills of Umbria, my back was pleading for mercy. It was like a Pilates session gone rogue—every twist and turn a new challenge for both me and my hapless vehicle.

Pegueot 308 manual

So, in true fashionista style, always eager to blend sustainability with chic, I’ve decided to switch gears—literally! I’m on the cusp of trying out the Ami Citroën, an electric charmer that promises to glide through the cobblestone streets and rolling landscapes without so much as a whimper from my now very vocal back.

The Ami Citroën, with its compact design and eco-friendly creds, seems like the perfect antidote to my manual woes. Plus, let’s be honest, its quirky aesthetics could very well turn heads at the local cafés. Stay tuned as I take this electric beauty for a spin through the scenic vistas of Umbria, hoping for a smoother ride and a dash of Italian electric flair!

Ami Citreon electric

Amid these picturesque settings, the harsh reality hit me—the Airbnb effect has transformed the once-plentiful market of long-term rentals into a fierce battleground for locals and expats alike. What was once a hidden niche for savvy travelers has now become a mainstream headache for those of us dreaming of a more permanent Italian retreat.

But fear not, for I am not one to step away from a challenge—especially when it’s dressed in an Italian disguise. Armed with my best Italian phrases and a determination as fierce as a Milanese tailor in fashion week, I took to the streets.

Yes, literally. I embraced the age-old art of door-knocking, a strategy as bold as wearing plaid to Paris Fashion Week but surprisingly effective.

Chatting up locals in cozy trattorias and bustling market squares, I gathered leads on hidden rental gems like a collector hunts for rare vintage finds. It was during one such encounter, over a robust glass of Montefalco Rosso, that I learned of a little-known estate just outside Todi—unlisted online but perfect for someone with a taste for the unique.


This property hunting journey has been a rollercoaster of high hopes and stylish near-misses, but it’s also been a lesson in resilience. Each picturesque town taught me more about the Italian way of life—slow, savored, and always in style. And while the Airbnb effect has certainly upped the ante, it’s also intensified the thrill of the hunt, turning each potential viewing into a runway of possibilities.

So here I am, still sipping local Todi wine, still searching, and still believing that my perfect Italian abode is waiting just around the cobblestoned corner. To those of you considering a similar leap into the Italian real estate market, remember: it’s all about patience, persistence, and a good pair of walking shoes. And maybe, just maybe, a little luck from the Italian rental gods.

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As I continue my quest, armed with optimism and an ever-growing Italian vocabulary, I’m reminded that sometimes, the best finds are those that require a bit of extra legwork. And who knows? Perhaps my next post will be penned from the balcony of my newly acquired Italian home, overlooking a vineyard or a bustling piazza—proof that even in a market dominated by short-term rentals, style, perseverance, and a flair for the dramatic can land you your own slice of Italian paradise. Until then, cari amici, keep your heels, head, and housing standards high!