Sheep paddocks and hillsides often come to mind when Piedmont is mentioned. But there is more to the idyllic sights and sounds of the region — and Italy Luxury Tours has the perfect itineraries for a hassle-free way to discover them. Their Piedmont wine tours are carefully curated to ensure you can discover and savour the region’s authentic flavours. Many of these tour packages also include trips to Langhe to bring you more opportunities to enjoy and explore chestnut forests, nature trails, and grape arbours while getting to know the true essence of Italy’s flora and fauna.

Discover Piedmont with Italy Luxury Tours

Piedmont is known for its centuries-old cellars, which continue to be a testament to the region’s exclusive wines and unique tastes. The best way to experience these is with one of Italy Luxury Tours’ Piedmont food and wine tours. The itineraries will take you through historic museums, baroque piazzas, and the Po River’s colourful parks and deliver the finest wine tours and experiences featuring the best flavours, such as local cheeses, fresh eggs, yoghurt, fruits, and authentic cappuccino.

In addition, Piedmont wine tours offer one-of-a-kind insights into the Italian taste as you indulge in local fare. With Italy Luxury Tours, you can enjoy a memorable and stress-free journey as you taste and relish the region’s cuisine and flavorful aromas.

More unique experiences await with Italy Luxury Tours.

How about adding more depth to Piedmont food and wine tours? Italy Luxury Tours makes this possible with custom itineraries that will take you through the nature trails on horseback or via a mountain biking tour. These unique and immersive experiences are the best ways to intimately know Piedmont while accompanied by a seasoned local guide who speaks your language. Don’t worry, as a private vehicle with a driver is always available to take you back to your hotel or the nearest town to unwind after a day of exploring with Piedmont wine tours.

Why visit Piedmont with Italy Luxury Tours?

Italy Luxury Tours’ Piedmont food and wine tours are private and exclusive only to you and your group. That means you don’t have to worry about being at the mercy of a large tour group and breezing through each location because you’re pressed for time. The established travel company has a team of experts who carefully curated itineraries for Piedmont wine tours, which vary from:

  • Exclusive tours to idyllic wineries
  • Sumptuous food-tasting tours in Piedmont and Langhe’s small villages
  • Fine dining experiences
  • Private transportation to and from wine villages and wineries in Gavi, Langhe, Barolo, Asti, and Barbaresco

Are you adventurous? Italy Luxury Tours can customize their Piedmont food and wine tours to include private hiking, horse riding, or mountain biking tours. Don’t hesitate to share your interests with their travel experts so they can arrange your tour in a way that lets you immerse yourself in the region’s authentic and colourful nature.

Make the most of the wine tour in Piedmont

Look no further than the exclusive Piedmont wine tours of Italy Luxury Tours for a fun, memorable, and immersive journey. If you’re not sure where to go and what to do, here are a few suggestions to help you get started:

Tour Piedmont’s castles and sample authentic truffles

One of the best Piedmont food and wine tours will take you through romantic hills, historic castles, and stunning vineyards. Aside from letting you taste the finest red wines in the Burgundy of Italy, Italy Luxury Tours provides private guided tours in Turin and to the medieval cities of Monferrato and Asti. This exclusive 9-night and 10-day experience includes Langhe, where you can indulge in the finest wines with authentic truffles from local restaurants.

Piedmont wine tours - Asti

Experience Aosta Valley

Do you want to combine Piedmont wine tours with off-the-beaten-path destinations? Italy Luxury Tours has you covered with their Piedmont and Aosta Valley packages. This Piedmont food and wine tour unveils a different side of the region through activities like white truffle hunting in Langhe and visits to local wineries and the Wine Museum. Then, your private driver will transfer you to Turin in an exclusive and spacious vehicle to see the Royal Palace, the Duomo, and the city’s most famous squares, restaurants, cafes, and bars. The itinerary also includes Asti and Aosta, where you can discover their untouched nature.

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