Oh, Umbria, you’ve captured my heart with your rolling hills, your medieval magic, and your vineyards that weave through the landscape like threads of gold. Tuscany, my old love, you’ve been the dream, the epitome of Italian charm, with your Florence, your Pisa, and Lucca. But darling, it’s time for a new chapter, a fresh romance with a region just as opulent but with fewer footprints on its cobblestones. Umbria, here I come, with my vintage sunglasses perched high, a testament to Italian craftsmanship, even if they whisper tales of global journeys.

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My decision to pivot from Tuscany to Umbria wasn’t made on a whim. No, it was the realization that Tuscany’s allure, its undiluted Italian charm, has been somewhat eclipsed by a chorus of foreign voices.

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The streets of Lucca, once a haven for seekers of 100% Made In Italy, now parade the all-too-familiar fast fashion that knows no borders. But fear not, for my heart still beats for that authentic Italian essence, and Umbria promises just that.

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Wine In Umbria

The wine! Oh, let’s not forget the wine. Umbria, with its under-the-radar vineyards and pioneering producers, is a treasure trove waiting to be explored. Pepe, Valentini, CantinArte – these names might not ring a bell like their Tuscan counterparts, but their bottles hold the essence of innovation and tradition. Umbria is not just the new Tuscany for wine drinkers; it’s a revelation, a sip of heaven for those in the know.

Brunello Cucinelli

And then there’s the cashmere, darling. Brunello Cucinelli, the name that resonates with luxury, quality, and that undeniable Italian flair, started his journey in this very region. His vision of Mongolian cashmere garments crafted with Italian precision turned a small village into a landmark of opulence.

This is the quality I seek, the narrative I wish to be part of – a story woven with threads of Italian excellence.

My base? Todi, a quaint village with views that steal your breath and refuse to give it back.

From here, I shall embark on my Umbrian odyssey, with Spello, Lago Trasimeno, and Spoleto on my list. Spello, with its winding streets and medieval charm, whispers stories of the past, while Lago Trasimeno offers a tranquility that rivals the famed Lake Como. And Spoleto, oh Spoleto, your aqueducts and rolling hills are the stuff of Italian postcards.


But let’s not stop there. Assisi awaits with its sun-kissed stones and storied streets, a pilgrimage of the spirit and the senses. Perugia, with its youthful vigor and culinary delights, promises evenings of laughter and glasses raised in toast. And Orvieto, perched on its cliff, holds tales of Etruscan legends and underground mysteries waiting to be discovered.

So, here I am, Gracie Opulanza, the journalist, the storyteller, the lover of all things made in Italy, about to embark on this Umbrian adventure.

They say Umbria has felt earthquakes, but they haven’t met me yet. With a pen in one hand and a glass of Umbrian wine in the other, I’m ready to write this new chapter.

Will Umbria be the new Tuscany for wine lovers? Oh, I believe it’s so much more. It’s a journey back to the heart of Italy, to the essence of what makes this country a dream destination. And I, for one, can’t wait to share every opulent, humorous, and passionately Italian moment of it with you. Cheers to Umbria, the undiscovered gem that’s about to get a whole lot of love.