I have been living in Tuscany for eight months. The people and experiences are unforgettable ones. This pandemic has defined and confirmed who I am. That no virus or lockdown will get in my way of living life to the full. I will not be told what I can not see, eat, drive or wear. I thank God for my boldness and my passion for life.

Fiat Balilla Gracie Opulanza Tuscany Italy classic car (9)

Mental Health

If I did not pursue the people to make this happen. The footage would never ever taken place. The conversations and the new community simply would not have been experienced. Life is what you make it. But it all comes down to your personal mindset.

I am the leader of my own fate. I am the driver in how I lead my life during this controlling world.

Classic Cars

I adore the nostalgia Italy has. It is only due to being in Tuscany I pursued my passion for these amazing engineering autos. Tuscany is the perfect place to experience La Dolce Vita and al fresco dining.

Don’t give up on your dreams. Push through with your mind and make it happen.

Look up, look at a different perspective and live each day as it comes.

Food, fashion, cars and meeting people is why I adore life. Serve the people and they will help you.

GO Red Hiking Boot

When driving classic cars, grip on the clutch is so important. It’s why I created my own GO red hiking boot. So when I am on the GO I look stylish and the boot functions for my lifestyle.

GO Red Hiking Boot Made In Italy

Chinese Westeria Tuscany gracie opulanza

Classic Cars Driven

I asked for classic cars. I asked for help regarding lifestyle content. The local people, the right men helped me.

In the following video, you are looking at Fiat500, Fiat Balilla and Fiat 124 Spider classical cars.

Fiat 500 Classic car Gracie Opulanza Tuscany italy beige

Fiat 124 Spider Tuscany made in italy Gracie Opulanza (1)