During the check-in process, individuals may exhibit unique behaviours that can offer insights into their personalities. These behaviours can range from ordering late-night burgers to potentially engaging in kleptomania. Be mindful that holidays are a roller coaster of emotions, and be nice to staff.

I have reviewed over 350 hotels around the globe, the hotel is only as good as the staff serving you.

A nice hotel where I stayed was called Melia Ho Tram Beach Resort Vietnam

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Hotel Guest’s Habits To Avoid

When we stay at a hotel, our behavior often changes from our usual habits. We may do things that are out of the ordinary, such as ordering food late at night to eat in our room or walking around in a bathrobe outside of our personal space. We also have certain expectations, like wanting someone to come into our room to close the curtains while we’re eating and feeling a little bothered if they forget to leave a small chocolate on our pillow. Moreover, it’s not unusual to find ourselves watching the CNN channel, which might be seen as strange in other situations.

At the Hotel Bonkers, even JLO doesn’t stay in the same room, indicating that guests at the resort have diverse preferences and opt for different accommodations based on their individual needs.

During vacations, people often display a range of behaviors. Some individuals may become more demanding, expressing dissatisfaction with the lack of sunshine. On the other hand, others may become exceptionally helpful, offering to carry heavy bags not only for themselves but also for fellow guests.

Certain vacationers may seek solitude and indicate their preference with a “Do Not Disturb” sign, while others may be social and engage in conversations, even with strangers hailing from different countries.

Vietnam Hotel

What Can You Take Home From Your Hotel Room

In addition to bringing cherished items from home, some individuals try to recreate a sense of familiarity in their new environment. For example, they may pack teabags to enjoy a cup of tea, reminiscent of their home life. On the other hand, others seize the opportunity to embrace novel experiences, like trying a bidet for the first time.

If you’re unsure about which category of hotel guest you belong to, don’t worry. We’ve created a test that can accurately identify your guest type. It’s similar to the registration form you’d usually encounter during check-in, where you’re asked if you’d like a newspaper in the morning.

Unlike other forms, this test is transparent about any additional fees that may apply. You can trust that our test is intended to give you a thorough and scientific understanding of your hotel guest preferences.

Once the porters have dropped off your bags, you will be left alone in your room. At this point, you will need to make a decision about what to do next.

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Mine Your Hotel Storage Manners

Make use of the two small drawers and three coathangers that have been provided to efficiently organize and store your belongings. Additionally, you can have some lighthearted fun by bouncing on the bed, but remember to exercise caution and avoid excessive bouncing. (Apologies for the aside, as this question is related to luggage.

One useful method for getting rid of wrinkles in shirts is to hang them in the bathroom while taking a hot shower. The steam generated by the shower will naturally relax the fabric and eliminate creases. This technique can be a convenient and cost-effective alternative to utilizing a hotel’s pressing service.

It is recommended to unpack and organize your belongings soon after you arrive at your destination. This will prevent the inconvenience of having to search for items in your suitcases throughout your entire stay.

 Bedtime Routine

When it’s time to go to bed, it’s important to have a consistent routine. Please choose the option that best describes your bedtime routine.

I put on my pyjamas and lie down on the same side of the bed that I normally sleep on at home.

While on your holiday, you have the opportunity to relax and unwind by watching entertaining pop videos on channel VH1 and treating yourself to the mini-bar. It is crucial to remember that vacations are meant for enjoyment and rejuvenation, rather than treating them as a time to study or work.

To create a secure seal, it is recommended to use trouser crocodile clips on the closet’s coathangers to keep the curtains closed. Another helpful tip for a night of better sleep is to choose the side of the bed without a phone or clock nearby. This is a common practice among experienced travelers, as sleeping next to tech devices can lead to increased wear and tear on that side of the bed, especially for solo business travelers.

Experience the ultimate in comfort with our luxurious 300-thread Egyptian cotton sheets. However, restlessness during the night can be caused by unsuitable pillows, tightly tucked sheets, or annoying background noise.

Hotels that I have reviewed give you endless pillow options. Take the time to order one and no extra costs.

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What To Eat Breakfast

Now that you’ve successfully made it to breakfast on time, you have a wide range of delicious options to choose from. What would you like to have on your plate?

If you’re looking for a comforting and fulfilling breakfast option, why not try a tasty bowl of Bran Flakes with a side of semi-skimmed milk, reminiscent of a homestyle meal?

Breakfast options vary greatly around the world and offer a wide range of indulgent choices. Imagine a delicious plate featuring crispy bacon, perfectly cooked eggs, flavorful sausages, fluffy waffles, and pancakes. To add a hint of sweetness, you can drizzle some rich maple syrup over the entire spread.

healthy food

To make your breakfast more satisfying, be sure to include a range of fresh fruits and a delicious pain au chocolat. For a unique experience, explore the Asian section for unfamiliar options. Enhance your morning meal with a serving of creamy yogurt and a spoonful of Nutella. And don’t forget to enjoy a hot cup of coffee to energize your day.

You can be classified as an adventurous hotel guest. You are not one to always follow the usual hotel etiquette and guidelines. Your behavior might draw disapproving glances from housekeeping staff and facility managers, and other guests may express surprise when they see you casually entering the breakfast area in what they presume to be your sleepwear (little do they know your actual bedtime attire!

When enjoying yourself, it is important to consider the comfort of others. It is worth noting that the Hemel Hempstead Premier Inn may not offer the same level of luxury as Kempinski in Berlin, and not everyone may appreciate unconventional behavior.

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Maintain Cleanliness In The Room

In addition to the mentioned items, there will be an abundant supply of paper serviettes included. There will be enough serviettes provided to wrap approximately half of the lunch.

To maintain cleanliness in the room before leaving for the day, it is important to complete certain tasks. These tasks may include tidying up the room, cleaning the toilet and sink, and possibly doing some light dusting. By doing so, a tidy and favorable impression can be created for the maid.

If you want to make sure that the maid folds your clothes, a good idea is to collect all of them and put them on the bed.

Just because you are staying in a hotel, does not give you a green card to be a filthy pig and leave everything to the cleaner. Mind your manners and leave a tip if the room is super clean.

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Security Safe Rules

For the sake of security, it is advisable to keep valuable items like passports, laptops, and backup credit cards in a safe. Don’t take expensive jewellery, take that stress out of your travel.

However, it’s essential to keep the main credit card with you at all times.

To access the safe, you will need to enter the first six digits of your frequent flier number as the code. Remembering the birthdate of your first child can be difficult, so it is recommended to choose a code that is easier to recall.

Do Not Disturb Sign

To ensure your room is serviced, please remove the Do Not Disturb sign. While you may consider using the Please Make Up My Room sign, it is advisable to be more subtle and hopes that the hotel staff understands your request.

When checking out of your hotel room, it is crucial to be aware of the items you should bring with you. This will ensure a smooth and hassle-free departure from your holiday accommodation.

Leave a spare shoe in your safe, this is a reminder that you have left stuff in your safe. Place the other show near the exit door so you get triggered.

At this establishment, there are concerns about their recycling practices, despite the presence of an environmental care card in the bathroom. It is probable that they do not separate recycling from landfill. Therefore, it is unnecessary to wash your towels.

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Don’t Touch The Mini Bar

In hotel mini-bars, it is common for the most expensive bottle to be filled with gin or vodka. However, to avoid being charged extra, hotel staff often replace the actual bottle with water.

Be clear on what is complementary and what is not.

Before starting your day, it is important to ensure that you have all the necessary items. Take a moment to confirm that you have packed your dressing gown, remote control, hairdryer, and even those slippers that you may not use again.

Don’t be wasteful with hotel slippers, bring your own.

When preparing for a trip, it is essential to pack toiletries such as soap, pens, a nail kit, and a laundry bag. Additionally, it is wise to include cotton buds in your packing list as they can prove to be useful in unexpected situations.

If you choose to stay at a hotel, you may want to consider adding some excitement to your experience by trying something new, like using a handheld showerhead instead of the conventional one.

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Watch And Observe Hotel Guest And Learn

You have extensive knowledge about hotels and are adept at navigating them effortlessly. However, you tend to approach your family vacations with a professional mindset, treating them as if they were business trips or military operations. It could be beneficial for you to consider adopting a more relaxed approach and embracing the leisurely aspects of your destination. Instead of constantly rushing, take the opportunity to appreciate the beauty surrounding you, such as the fragrant scent of flowers, the indulgence of a massage, or even trying out unique gins. Just remember to moderate your coffee consumption.

Make sure your approach towards life is a balanced mix of subtle indulgence, moderate dedication, proper etiquette, and a few unfavorable habits. In other words, you embody the characteristics of a British person enjoying a vacation

To maintain your current level of effort, consider giving yourself some additional relaxation time. It is important to enjoy yourself while you are out and about, and most importantly, do not feel guilty about it. In this situation, being told that you treat a place like a hotel is meant as a compliment.

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