In the last year I was serious about creating my own event for MenStyleFashion. I wanted to do something that no PR let alone any fashion industry in the world has ever done. Our event had to start in London because that’s where it all started. A whopping £230,00 pounds of experiences was set up because MenStyleFashion has become that influential on-line. There is a lot of footage to come real soon.


Yes, welcome to Luxury Week London. Our seven day and seven night event where no invitation was needed. You just had to watch our social media feeds and off we all went. You were all welcome to my cool luxury lifestyle party. That is what we are all about: on-line marketing and getting brands noticed on-line. My goodness, what a line up we created. From Michelin star chef interviews, a penthouse worth £6,000 per night, to the Shangri-La Hotel at The Shard London and then out on that London Golf Club, I wanted to create an impact.

Gracie-Opulanza--Luxury-Week-London-MenStyleFashion-Maria-Scard-Bentley-Continental-GT-Speed-Convertible000064 Gracie-Opulanza--Luxury-Week-London-MenStyleFashion-Maria-Scard-Bentley-Continental-GT-Speed-Convertible000066

I had a dream back in 2012 and my message is simple: I want to see men dress well. Now it was one of the most emotional weeks of my life because I could do what ever I liked, and nobody told me to tone it down, let alone ask me to leave. I am still pushing boundaries, setting expectations higher and doing things differently.

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