I have travelled all around the world for many years. I have concluded that you can have the best facilities in the world but it does not guarantee that you will have a nice stay. What makes a hotel worth its stars? What makes your stay worth coming back for? For me the staff at The Phoenix Hotel is why I would recommend you to return to this hotel.


Fashion Week Deliveries

I don’t live in London, so when I come I have to bring a whole entourage of clothing with me for business. Along side that I have designers sending me shoes, clothes and in some cases quirky bespoke umbrellas. This is where the staff at this hotel made my stay worth coming back for. I figure these guys meet new and interesting people all the time and I wanted to make sure they realised who they had in their hotel. I kindly warned them that items from different brands had to be delivered here.
I was more intrigued by their reactions and it turned into a nice way to get to know the people behind reception.

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Perfect Location For London

Now if you have not visited London before, the location of the hotel gives you many options to explore other parts of London that you could miss. It’s easy accessibility both to the high street and public transport, which makes your stay a lot easier especially if you are like me running all over London. I wake up early for work so the room I stayed in had a very London feel to it overlooking Kensington Gardens Square. It’s a perfect reminder why London is one of my favourite cities.


The Phoenix Hotel Interior

The Phoenix hotel has recently been refurbished and when you walk in, the atmosphere is very calm. It has that English tea house kind of feel. It feels warm, welcoming and very clean. The furniture in the lobby is comfortable and it is the perfect place to catch up on work. There are private little spaces if you don’t want to be disturbed. The lift is my favourite as the button seems somewhat upside down and the lift door opens very slowly so you’re not sure if it’s letting you in or out. The hotel rooms are clean, modern and the bed linen, mattress and pillows are really nice to sleep on.
You can make yourself a nice cup of tea which is really important for me as I work in the room and I like that each day you get a different choice of biscuits.
Thank you to Mary and her staff for putting up with my delivery demands and experiencing a few days with Gracie.

The Pheonix Hotel - Kensington Garden Square London (2)

The Pheonix Hotel - Kensington Garden Square

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