Who is Elif Domanic? Well I have not met her but whilst at the Sitges Film Festival I interviewed Can Evrenol. After the interview he just had to show me who his wife was. The great thing about the brand I have created is that I am meeting more and more creative people who jump off what I call a cliff and live their dream.

Elif Domanic 3 (1)

Elif Domanic and Can Evrenol just recently on their wedding day

Elif Domanic is a woman also putting herself out there in a unique way where the fashion industry is still dominated by classic tastes. She is someone who creates her own mythical style, the darker-haired Elif who produces her own hand-crafted leather designs. She is positive when people say it’s hard to affect real change in a society where controlled by general taste and pressure that makes you have a drawback. In her own words.
For her that’s bullshit!
You see that is a woman after my own heart. Live each day as if it’s your last because tomorrow may never come. The following clips give you a taste of who Elif Domanic is and don’t ever try to mess with her personal style.