Here are 5 outfit ideas that are perfect for travel, because they are easy to get in and out of, easy to pack, and not too uncomfortable.

Over the last 25 years of travel, I have had many opportunities to observe airport fashion. How can I be comfortable but still look stylish? What accessories will complete my travel look?  How many shoes do I need to take? Fret no more as I am an expert when it comes to looking fab on your travels.

What’s In Your Airport Style Outfits? 11 Outfit Ideas Comfortable Enough for Travel

What's In Your Airport Style Outfits 5 Outfit Ideas Comfortable Enough for Travel

Over the last 25 years of travel, I have had many opportunities to observe airport fashion. How can I be comfortable but still look stylish? What accessories will complete my travel look? How many shoes do I need to take? Fret no more as I am an expert when it comes to looking fab on your travels.

My best airport fashion experience was in Paris. The airport fashion style was excellent.

Holidays and flying are all about having fun. if you want to be like Bella Hadid and get noticed thanks to getty images. Then make sure you continue reading below.

Your suitcase-style is so important when heading to any airport. I like to opt for a vintage suitcase look.

Vintage Suitcase


Always carry a pair of dark glasses in my carry-on luggage, they are a stylish winner when you land and look knackered. If you get into a dive mood like Naomi Campbell breaks down.  Or be a Sex in the City New york lady like Carrie.

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Then you can at least cover yourself like any diva takes on a photo shoot. Or trending an actress status like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Read more onDita Von Teese style here.

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Travel Wardrobe

Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez, or the Kardashians are masters when it comes to wearing leggings or yoga pants. They are comfortable and keep your legs warm. Absolutely NO TRACK SUIT OUTFITS! Leggings are great because you can team them with a dress. If you get hot or land at a hot destination you can take them off and still look fabulous whilst dressin.

Leather-Tan-Trousers-Stay-Stylish-Comfortable-At-Home-Gracie-Opulanza-Fattoris-Mansi-Bernardini-2020-Autumn-3 (1)

Kim Kardashian gets a lot of attention at airports wearing tight-figuring outfits.  My leather trousers and leggings are very comfortable to travel in and extremely stylish.

leggings for airport travel


The right jacket can finish an outfit and look suitably stylish for the travelling fashionista. The trick is to choose a neutral colour that goes with loads of outfits. Everyone loves to be warm and comfortable during travel. Trench wool coats can also be used as stylish blankets. Or opt for a green moss poncho.

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Fashion error I see often is travelers wearing shoes that don’t match their outfits. The best combination of style and comfort is a neutral pair of women’s pumps or funky pair of chic trainers. These can easily be slipped on or off at security and on the plane. Also looks good with joggers.

Fashion Month Favor

Planes can be very erratic when it comes to temperature regulation so bring a blazer and a patterned scarf to throw over your shoulders if you get cold. Supermodel Gigi Hadid does this all the time.

A tip for long-haul flights is to pack a pair of yoga pants and a comfortable t-shirt or warm jackets and wool jumper in your carry-on luggage. Wear this secondary outfit for the duration of the flight, changing back into your stylish clothes just before the plane lands.

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Tote Bag

When walking off the plane with confidence in perfect-looking clothes. It will make the world of difference to your look and you will see people wondering just how you manage to look So good after such a long flight. Zayn Malik, Reese Witherspoon, or Meryl Streep talks about stylish tote bags all the time whilst travelling.

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Read more about Kate Middleton’s style here too.

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Silk Eyemask

Salma Hayek and Anna Wintour share their love for silk eyemasks during long-haul flights.

If you like to wear an eye mask on the flight make sure you buy a fashionably acceptable one. The secret of 3 does gorgeous collections and it is nice for fellow passengers to pass their time away looking at you sleeping chic.

silk masks


If you liking to listen to live video or hear about Rihanna talks her dream wedding then invest in ‘sound eliminating’ earphones buy Swarvoski, their crystal collection looks like diamonds in your ears. I assure you, it makes you sleep the night away with just the right amount of bling.

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When you wake up you can judge how and why Priyanka Chopra sings taylor swift songs.

Anna Wintour shares all her travel airport-style her carry-on case, style. It will state your image in seconds. Go for brown or black leather because it matches any outfit and makes you look sophisticated and chic.


If you are a growing family then make sure you leave your expensive jewels whilst travelling at home. Go for inexpensive fake jewelry, a simple watch, lots of bangles from NKB London, and earrings that can be taken off in a flash.

Take cheap jewels it’s a fab excuse to highlight to your partner that a new piece of expensive jewelry is needed for the return flight.  Me in Tuscany heading to the airport.


Always wear a Stetson hat on the plane god to cover up bad hair day.


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Last but not least, make sure you’ve always got your credit cards handy. Secrid wallet is a great way to store your cards. Use the web browser to select your colour. You can put years’ worth of cards safe.

If the worst happens and you lose your luggage, you can always buy a new wardrobe, which wouldn’t be that bad after all! Shopping is a secret obsessions for most of us after all.

Airport Fashion

Airplane blanket is a must as long-haul flights can be cold. Great for loungewear and if you suffer from jet-lag you can always take an extra nap at the hotel airport.

Travel essentials like trousers and a white t-shirt are great for an overnight flight. A trench coat and a pair of blue jeans are always handy on any vacation. Celebs like Hailey Bieber and Karlie Kloss like to wear flip-flops. Comes with the jetsetters lifestyle

Trainers for airport

Ginger spice loves to trend a throwback style secret when travelling. As for Jennifer Lawrence’s nails. Make sure they are not too long.

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Poncho for a blanket like this moss green wool blanket cape.

moss green cape wool


When checking in at airports be mindful not to draw negative attention to your body art. It’s not the fame you are wanting to seek. Regarding swimwear here are my top tips on how you can wear it as a top when travelling from hot countries like Bali.

For more ideas check out video URL that takes about victoria Beckham never smile airport moments. Or Kim Kardashian West and their styles.

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