What is it about Kate Middleton that caught the world’s attention more so than ever during her Canadian tour? What is it about Kate Middleton, that has brought a connection to the people when it comes to the Monarchy?

Why has Kate Middleton become the style icon for women? Kate Middleton to me is a Duchess of Nostalgic Fashion? Or another word for it as we all know vintage fashion.

She clearly loves vintage iconic dresses and wears them with comfort in ming like the shift dress.

If we look at her wedding dress, it certainly was an inspired era of Grace Kelly.

We can see that her style,  has evolved over the present years, of mix timeless classics with her own essence of keep it simple, keep it beautiful.

Kate Middleton wedding dress vintage inspired

Nostalgic Fashion We –  Shall Hang On To As If Our Life Depends On It

The word nostalgic means,  a bittersweet longing for things, persons, or situations of the past. There will only be one Lady Diana, the people’s princess. But I can’t help notice that the world is clinging onto Kate Middleton as the new Diana. The big difference that she ended up marrying her prince, the one she chose and loved.

We can certainly see that by that big smile of hers. Love conquers a multitude of sins and Kate Middleton is a living example of this. The other reason why we are going to revert to nostalgic fashion is because of the turmoil of our new Europe and Brexit. I can see where this could end up. Are we going to be a generation that will experience a third world war? Read the history of political behaviour leading up to the second world war. You will see the same pattern forming. 

Vintage Fashion

 It is human nature to reflect on the beautiful fashion eras of the past. Kate Middleton is an era, a woman who is what I call the feel-good factor.

A positive distraction to all the hate and political uncertainly throughout our world right now.

Brexit won because of the war on immigrants and the uncertainty of who actually, entered British boarders. As a result, it has created such a hate crime. ISIS and their attacks on France have left that beautiful, romantic, safe, city we all once loved, Paris.

In utter turmoil and surrounded by ugly machines guns. When I walked through Paris for the fashion week. Those military guns surrounding this once safe city is a clear message that we have entered a new era in Europe. It is a chilling reality of an unsafe city.

One can not ponder, where it is all going to end a pandemic of some sort?


Kate Middleton – Our Fashion Icon

In such a saturated market, regarding fashion, one can only reflect our style icons of the past. For me, there will never be such fashion inspiring female role models ever to repeat.

The Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Sofia Loren, Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor and Jackie Kennedy are women who are what I call nostalgic fashion.

So Kate Middleton has naturally come into her own as the Duchess nostalgic fashion style icon for this current, generation. The simple reason is she is a class act. So we are blessed to have a woman, a mother, who is a lover of mixing and matching cheap fashion with high-end labels.

Even though for me, Kate wearing ZARA  is just a marketing strategy, to put appease those public critics, that she is not a wasteful lady regarding our tax which is actually paying for her wardrobe.

She is very much sustainable conscious when upcycling existing clothing she has worn in the past.

It is also a clear message that in this unstable economic situation, Kate holds back on public spending, when it comes to high-end fashion.

kate-middleton gettyimages-610478246_master

Kate Please Trend Purple

I bought this dress over ten years ago in a charity shop. It has the most stunning embellishment of crystals and pearls. I just could not help wondering that if there is one woman who would fit into this tiny, vintage dress it would be Kate.


I could not help imagine that this colour purple would look amazing on her. Kate Middleton, whether she would admit it or not, is our only hope when it comes to a classy, style icon that whatever she wears, will be a sell-out.



I do find that her bag choices are never true vintage.

Kate is the Duchess of nostalgic fashion,  that makes us believe in the fairy tale ending. She is our 2021 vintage fashion influencer and at 40 that is truly inspirational.