Why is the word fat in 2021 noted as a taboo word when it comes to describing plus-size people? Why do these three-letter words have so many negative and mental health connotations?

In talking to a fashion designer I was shocked to hear how luxury fashion houses look at fat women.

Luxury fashion houses are still discriminating and disconnected when it comes to women’s larger sizes of today. Luxury fashion houses are still resisting The Body of today. It’s an insane mindset of business if you think about it.

Women of today are fatter, larger and bigger.

I grew up in the Nineties in Australia where body image was about playing in the sun and surfing. My town lifestyle was all about sport and my success mattered if I was fit and slim.

Australia prided itself on a sporty outdoor life. The media adverts made sure of that.

Many world champions in different sports were homegrown in my small town.

If anyone did not play sports or remotely have any form of skill. You were deemed as a loser. A failure regarding body image and self-worth.

Anyone that was fat was seen as lazy.

That body, what body you are a no body if you were not sporty.

The media and fashion made sure that fat people were deemed as lazy and having no self-control when it came to eating.

Sadly in 2021, it seems we have got a long way to go when it comes to fat lives matter.

Elle McPherson The Body

I grew up with my fashion icon model Elle Mcpherson, called The Body. She was my body model I measured myself too.

Her message was to market a healthy skinny lifestyle.

What did her body image do to me as a teenager growing up in the world of fashion?

It made me feel envious and that to be successful in the world of fashion or street style. I had to be skinny and have The Body.

I was skinny and have lovely olive skin but when it came to my legs they were everything out of proportion and far too short for the rest of my body.

Her body image was all about being skinny and fit is the only way to be successful.

That anyone else who was fat was a failure.

Fashion and media made sure of that and somewhat still do today in the world of luxury fashion.

Our Fat World – Is That Body

Every time I return to Australia I can assure you the obesity stats are getting higher and higher. I see it too when walking on the beach how fat people have got.

Elle McPherson The Body 1990 Australian model

Fat Means Lazy

When I see large, fat, and plus size women, fashion and media over the years have made it very clear that skinny lives matter more. How is it possible in 2021 when talking to Italian designers that the word fat, plus size is still frowned upon?

I have worked with women much larger than me, that can endure a hard day’s work far more efficiently than many skinny women I have worked with.

The luxury brands of today still make clothes for smaller sizes even samples are still made for smaller women.

It’s unbelievable to even fathom that this mindset and marketing has a stronghold in the world of fashion in 2021.

Lockdown Versus Weight Gain

I can assure you that in March of last year when I was locked down for 9 weeks I put on so much weight. My body was not moving and was not used to this at all. I have always needed to walk every day to stay mentally sane. I am not skinny as I was in my thirties and the reason for that is I don’t run around and have the metabolism as I use to.

But what I do know that most of us are going to come out of this pandemic a lot fatter.

As a fashion brand, I would be working towards catering to larger people sooner than later.

I know fat people that exercise much more than me and just can’t shift the weight. I know it has an impact when seeing the likes of Hollywood women generally still being pressured to look slim with that gaunt look.

Fat Lives Matter

We have a long way to go in the world of luxury fashion creating larger size dresses for women. I know recently a lady who loved the dress at LV, but no way in hell would they ever have her size. The shopping experience was hell too.

Being overweight is not that straight forward but there have been small movements in the world of luxury fashion household names for creating a larger body image.

But not enough has been done when it comes to larger women marketing in this sector.

Especially at fashion weeks around the globe.

Having experienced some recent chats on how fat women are still looked down upon here in Italy.

It goes to show that The Body image of slimness, will always rule the roost in the world of media and fashion.

That fat lives matter movement has a long way to go yet.

Share your thoughts on being discriminated against in the world of fashion versus fat.