If money was no option and you could choose to try before you buy five luxury cars what would it be? I have been reviewing cars since 2015, I am going to choose my top five lifestyle cars for 2023.  Here are the five categories to choose from. I have driven the following car brands around the United Kingdom and chose the following. For me, the key to success for any luxury car brand has to be GPS reliability, comfort, niche, emotion, fashion, easy parking, reliable technology and a statement appearance.  I drove the cars around, central London, East and West Sussex, Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire, Warwickshire, Cotswolds, Somerset and  Buckinghamshire.

Supercar – Ferrari Roma

The car brand is in my DNA, as I am Italian. I experienced the Ferrari GTC Lusso, but I prefer the Ferrari Roma, for its elegant looks, ease to drive through central London and effortless parking in affluent Chiswick. It is a lifestyle car which means due to its boot size and extra back seats. I was able to take extra luggage for my review at Billesley Manor Hotel near Stratford Upon Avon, the home of Sir William Shakespeare. As for the GPS, it was spot on, easy to use reliable and never got me lost once.  It was very comfortable to drive as a supercar and easy to hop in and out of. It suited my personality and lifestyle because it was loud and just amazing to drive and be seen in. It made me smile all the time and I liked the attention it got me too. It was very niche when driving around the famous Cotswolds areas even in Chipping Campden. Where I stayed at Cotswold House Hotel & Spa

In the week I drove it, I never saw another Ferrari, that is niche. And worth every penny for it.

The Ferrari Roma is a car where I can dress up or down depending on my mood and day-to-day business schedule. At fifty going through menopause, I need a car that boosts my mood swings and makes me feel safe and grounded at 640bhp. I have never had so many dating offers as I have when driving a Ferrari. So to all the singles ladies aged fifty, make sure you check your Tinder app and be very selective.

London Sock Company

Gracie Opulanza Ferrari Roma (3)

SUV – Lexus NX450h

As a niche SUV goes the Lexus NX450h Phev is not that common to see. I liked it for that as the SUV market is the most popular car to drive and buy in the world.  I adore its big statement grill and the origami design.  As a lover of anything Japanese, like the Bullet Train movie starring Brad Britt. I always felt very safe knowing that the car was 100% reliable. I drove from Chiswick London to Oxfordshire up to Somerset and all the way to Surrey at Gatwick Airport. It endured rain, storms and protests, called Stop The Oil. I felt very comfortable in it as it took me four hours to get to the airport. The boot space is excellent, the GPS is large and at fifty easy to see. The plug-in hybrid option which is a flick of the button was very welcoming during city tours like Bath. As a crossover to electric this SUV is a stylish everyday car for that fashionable woman looking to stand out. It is easy to park, and the Sonic grey teams with everything in my wardrobe. The technology was super reliable.

exus NX450h Phev F Sport Prem Pack Sun Sonic Grey Gracie Opulanza exus NX450h Phev F Sport Prem Pack Sun Sonic Grey Gracie Opulanza

Electric  Car Tesla Model 3

Nothing for me matches a Tesla when it comes to software technology. The cult of Elon Musk is why Tesla Model 3   is a city car that can be driven from Heathrow airport way down to Brighton, Worthing and the famous Goodwood Revival. It is a car brand that brings a class association. If it fails me when powering it, I can reboot the car using the toggles on the steering wheel. Whilst charging, my children can do gaming on it. As range anxiety goes there are plenty of Tesla charging stations even at five-star hotels. It is still not a common car to see when driving up to Somerset. It has plenty of boot space for a wardrobe as there is no engine getting in the way. I feel very on trend when driving any Tesla regarding supporting the climate change evolution.

Tesla Model 3 MenStyleFashion 2019 Review Electric Cars (8)

Tesla Model 3 Front Boot Space

vegan seats Tesla-Model-3-MenStyleFashion-2019-Review-Electric-Cars-4

I like how I can write my name on the screen and at fifty that huge screen is brilliant to look at. It is reliable and quick to move around the streets of London. There are ample of charging stations I can park in London without being charged with congestion charging. With the ULZ rules coming into play it will cost me nothing to drive around central London.

Tesla-Model-3-menstylefashion-review-2019-4 Gracie Opulanza


Luxury Cruiser – Bentley Continental GTC Speed Convertible

As a fashion tour car with ample class and lifestyle emotions. This is my partner in shopping crime and cruising anywhere throughout the United Kingdom The Bentley Continental GTC Speed Convertible, is a runway on wheels when driving through the Cotswolds, Buckinghamshire or the villages of Chipping Campden. It turn’s heads, I am a real show-off, in it. I love to trend my Hermes silk scarf and everything vintage, like my Made In Italy TODS knee-high boots bought on Vestiaire Collective. Keeping the sustainable message alive. Teaming the Morrocan blue Bentley with my vintage green dress made in Rome. Everything is bespoke and made to order is why I love this car.

Fedora Fur Felt Stetson Gracie Opulanza Bentley Continental GTC Speed Convertible (2) Stetson Fedora Fur Felt Hat Black Gracie Opulanza entley Continental GTC Speed Convertible Bentley GT Continental Gracie Opulanza Embroidery Denim Kingfly (12)

I am cinderella driving to the ball, with her red Benheart trainers and my embroidery bespoke denim exclusively made for me. I am the commander of my very own super yacht on wheels. The GPS is solid and easy to park even though she is a huge beast, no one parks near a Bentley. Gracie Opulanza Bentley GT Continental Soft Toper gucci Hermes Scarf silk speed queen Bentley GT Continental Gracie Opulanza Embroidery Denim Kingfly (13)

Sportscar – Aston Martin Vantage Roadster

No car in the world can command the iconic James Bond movies such as Aston Martin. That ticks the niche box right there. This convertible is nippy, and easy to go anywhere in the narrow lanes in the Cotswolds. It looks stylish, and the public love looking at her. I can park it easily and it sounds like a panther ready to bite. It is super comfortable and offers enough boot space for a weekend getaway. I adore the British attention it gets and no other car commands that except the Aston Martin Vantage Roadster. The soft top is one of the fastest in the world to open and close, good for the British unexpected rain. It is fast and a great entry point for any man or woman seeking to buy a supercar. You can dress very casually and the car will do the fashion talking. I didn’t see any convertibles in the week I was driving, it is very powerful, economically very good.

emma panther secret of 3 London Gracie Opulanza Aston Martin Vantage Roadster (18) Kingfly embroidery Gracie Opulanza denim car jeans Aston Martin Vantage Roadster Chipping Camden