Menopause in the UK is turning into one big marketing for making more money. I don’t live in the United Kingdom so when I did my Bentley Continental GTC Speed review. I could not believe the hard sell on the radio regarding menopause. I was fuming at the business hard sell regarding menopause. I felt ill to the core as an outsider listening to yet another multi-million-pound sale. It is good we are talking about it. It is amazing that the NHS, are pushing for change in the workplace regarding women having to endure, suffer and suck it up whilst busy. But at what cost? The pharma industry is laughing at us women once again. And playing on our vulnerability to a medical issue just like menstrual cycles we had no choice enduring.

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What Is The Point Of Talking About Menopause

The hard sell of buying solutions for us women that are going through menopause is unrealistic. Considering the food, gas and electricity prices we have to all endure. Why should we ladies over fifty have to pay for everything just to cope with menopause? Another reason to take things easy and raise prices via pharmaceutical options. But at least we are all talking about it. Why though. It’s like talking about periods. What’s the point, What does it solve, honestly? We need free sanitary products and free menopausal products. It is a natural part of our lives and is gifted to even be able to experience these stages in our lives.
Pandering to perspectives that make women look weaker is annoying.

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Should Menopausal Women At Work Be Indulged?

The NHS chief said those with symptoms should be able to change how they work.
It’s remarkable, don’t you think, that a condition that affects half the population who survive beyond 50 has, all of a sudden, been medicalised? Amanda Pritchard’s guidance to NHS workers is just the latest surge of corporate empathy.

Work from home if you are “silently suffering” from menopausal symptoms?

Fabulous! Given that there is precisely no way of knowing whether someone is undergoing temperature or mood swings or any of the other outward signs of hormone changes, it sounds like an invitation to take it easy. Other employers have done the same many, it should be noted, in the public sector.

This is nuts. And if we’re not careful it’s going to turn older women into the sort employers quite like at present because we don’t need maternity leave into a workplace liability. You might get away with that on the NHS, but just try asking to stay at home because of hormonal changes if you’re working for a struggling small business. Or indeed, for yourself.

We are all different and don’t all share the same symptoms.

The pandemic killed the work ethic of just going to work. Not that it should be us, women, over fifty to lead the way, suffer and go to work. But I assure you I have a mindset because that is my upbringing. It has to be done, just get on with it.

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I review luxury cars and hotels for my work. Because I am in control of what I take on. I create my own work time rules. I do it in weekly time slots as it is very taxing on the body, mind and soul.

How To Cope With Affordable Menopause?

My symptoms are tension in the muscles when I bend down. I feel like an old lady. I am so stiff it is shocking to me considering I walk, swim and am very active, unlike most women. I eat well and I work from home so I don’t have to commute. I couldn’t do it, I would be honestly sick as a dog if I had to endure a 9- 5 job and everything else. I am self-employed and have created that lifestyle for over 2o years. And I am still suffering from lack of sleep and now night sweats. But night sweats only happened when I was in London and the Cotswold after eating lots of processed food.

Eat fresh produce, make an effort to cook and stay off ready-to-eat meals from Marks & Spencers. Don’t order too much takeaway food. I changed my diet again as I am now in Thailand, no night sweats. Diet has everything to do with menopause and the way I feel. Pamper yourself by writing down what you eat and how it makes you sleep, feel and rest.

Papaya Salad

Coconut mango

I am in Thailand, eating Mango, passion fruit, dragon fruit, coconut, shrimp, lemongrass, pineapple, coriander, bay leaf and cabbage. After two weeks my body is and has been transformed. Diet is a major solution during menopause and everyday living.

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I find putting my feet and walking in the sand is great for my aching muscles. Many Asian women dig deep in the sand and lie in it for an hour every day for earth healing therapy. Ladies this costs you nothing but time.

Massages Versus Hormonal Replacement Patches

I am getting massages here in Thailand and the difference in my sleep, calm mindset and stiffness is a game changer. I am investing in what I call affordable practices and working out what works for me. I encourage any woman to do the same.

We are all different, but my friend used the hormonal patches as she can afford them. Hated every moment she was on them. Take notes, and write them down if you are using them. Trinny Woodhall talks and uses these but remember Trinny is worth 180,000 million pounds so she can afford to use the most expensive menopause treatments in the world. I am opting for the natural way, but my DNA and my mother’s menopause were very mild and similar. No two women are the same. No NHS Doctor can help you. You are your own doctor so invest in the TIME. Get off that social media for a bit every day and the time will be there.

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Invest In Bartering Skills

Sharing is caring with skills. Swap your food for a massage. Exchange your knitwear for some garden food from your friend. If you have a big home do a once a month community open-door with your loved ones. Bring food, tea and massages and oils so you can swap remedies and ideas of what is working for you as an individual. The mental health for us women right now during this huge change is crucial to a better lifestyle. Setting up a community, especially with the cost of living and inflation is a mindset killer in itself. The United Kingdom is multicultural, if you know someone from Asia, Asian people have the best remedies regarding natural medicine. Wellness is in their DNA and bones.

My Indian friends live and breathe Tumeric on anything and everything. Ditch the KFC or McDonald’s fast food killer and invest in better eating habits.

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Ignore The Hard Pharmasuatical Sell

I see it, I hear it and I know that the pharma business model is laughing all the way to the bank. They don’t care about what it costs for us ladies to suffer at the hands of a natural process God gave us, menopause. If you can put your last pennies in one solution to your menopause suffering. I would encourage food first and a massage once a month. Massages still the mind, body and soul. It puts all that frustration, and anger into perspective. It allows me to confront the end of youth as I know it. To give me a positive light on being fifty and living that next phase in my life. I find swimming is a wonderful way to help with stiffness.

I also read Christian scripture and focus on what I can control, my diet and my self-pampering. This is the balance for me regarding mental health.

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