I have been very ill for the last three weeks. On numerous occasions over the years, I have been told. When I turn fifty life is going to be tough. Well, I am fifty for a while now.  It has been a fabulous year on the mental health front so far.

Ageing graciously for me is all about the mindset. One of my key tips on coping with tough menopausal days. Is to make an effort on wearing prints. Floral textiles are powerful on many levels.

Yesterday I noticed this photoshoot. Now she is far from menopause age. But that dress will set a depressed mood in a ray of sunshine in no time.

Floral Prints - Menopause Mood Lifting Style Tips

Italian ladies lead the way when it comes to colour prints.

Hot Flushes

With lighter days and mercury lurking around. I am inspired by the botanical flowers surrounding me. Floral frocks like London Liberty will always be hanging in one’s wardrobe. But it is important that the right garment has that Flower Power mood shaking impact.

I am a huge fan of silk as it’s very easy to wear in heated parts of the day. Plus it also feels lovely on. Being flustered and hot doesn’t mean one has to compromise on nasty fabrics.

Pampering prints such as floral is the key to coping with a massive hormonal change.

Brand Your Mood Swing Away

Brands such as Eder, Jigsaw and Boden. Are labels that have their own DNA prints in all of their collections. Don’t fall for the myth that floral trousers can’t be chic or a winner for feeling low. Floral pants are the camouflage of spring.

Florals are clever clothing. it creates an illusion of covering up a sweat, bulging tummies and batwings arms. Even prosecco spilling stains. Or in my case olive oil.

Opt for smaller florals that are close together for a more flattering look for ladies with bigger thighs. This won’t make you feel upset when you feel fat.

roses red

Cut Of Floral Trousers

It is important you understand your trousers cut. I have short legs so I always opt for a palazzo-style silky pair. With clever layering my tummy is so building now I am a big fan of everything elasticated at the waist. If you look like wearing PJs, then don’t buy them. Brands that do floral trousers well are. Johnston creates cropped and wide legs pants. Whilst the label Berkeley is famous for flat-front trousers. I am not curvy but if you are. Opt for a wider leg that flatters the bum and thighs.

I look better in a stiffer cloth as my legs are thin the straight cut but not too skin-tight looks fab on me.

How To Team Floral Trousers

Floral trousers are versatile. I like to wear them with an oversized floral silk blouse or a cashmere knit. Again breathable fabrics allow me to cool down fast when feeling anxious, hot and flustered. Always wear neutrals It is all about the trousers after all.

With unexpected leakage issues, florals will hide that. L R Silk jacquard trousers dry super fast.


Deep Blood Red Roses

If blood issues unexpectedly occur fruit of the forest flower power prints. Will rescue you from any embarrassing leaked moments. I hate wearing pads, and tampons just because my pelvic flooring is having a weak day. Be bold go loud and pair with a strip top to show that at fifty you can truly flex the flower power print within.

At 100, Iris Apfel wears floral from head to toe commanding her flower power style.

Floral Prints - Menopause Mood Lifting Style Tips

It is time to ditch the boring camel coat and embrace floral.