Camel coats are a fabulous way to step into spring and stay warm. Here in Italy both men and women are wearing camel coats with effortless flare. Choosing your style and cut all comes down to your weight, size and height. Don’t confuse baby beige with camel colours.

How To Choose Camel Colour

There are many different shades of a camel. It comes down to your colour palette. I find the lighter for me due to my olive skin suits me better. Try as many as you can and decide what makes you feel and look great. If it makes you look pale opt for a darker shade.

Here there are so many earthy tones you can opt for. We see at each age the camel coat looks fab on.

Camel Coats - Stylish Travel Tips For Spring

I find ladies over fifty like to wear denim trousers and beige and camel ankle boots for a balanced look.

Camel Coats - Stylish Travel Tips For Spring cafe

Teaming your camel coat with expensive Gucci bags adds chic and style to a Spring day.

vintage gucci bag white dog beige wool coat denim flares 2022 (2)

It matches the white dog. The camel coats are the most popular street style coat worn here in Italy.

It is a versatile lightweight colour to step into spring.

vintage gucci bag white dog beige wool coat denim flares 2022 (2)

I like to match my camel coat with deep reds like my Tom Ford, Gucci bag below. As it is a vintage bag it adds so much more personality to the camel coat.

Gucci vintage tom ford bag bamboo

Wool Camel Coat

If you choose well a wool camel coat can last a lifetime. Both in style and fit. Opt for wool it is perfect for Spring.

vintage gucci bag white dog beige wool coat denim flares 2022 (2)

If you have the cash I would get a tailored camel coat made. They are capsule wardrobe pieces that must be bought.

One brand I like that has redefined camel coats and trench coats, is Max Mara. I have a vintage tweed skirt that looks fabulous after many years.

tweed vintage skirt

This looks wonderful and earthy with a camel coat. Opt also for dark brown knee-high boots with a long camel coat.

Accessories With Your Camel Coat

This is a brilliant example of why layering in spring is an art. This wool oversized scarf is a fabulous chic example of spring travel attire. It’s comfortable and can be worn even on a plane. It is easy to pack and layer for city tours.

beige scarf for spring

Can you see how well denim goes with all things beige? A poncho is a brilliant lightweight item to wear under your camel coat for spring. Especially this Easter where the weather is so extreme.

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As it gets warmer dusty pink trainers can look brilliant. It is also wonderful when visiting places like Pisa. Looking stylish when travelling to Italy is part of the lifestyle and travel experience.

Leaning Tower Of Pisa - What To Wear On Historical Travel Destinations (4) coffee

Ankle denim flares are all the trend for this Spring and Summer. They can be worn for both seasons, especially now we are fighting for gas, fuel, and inflation of food.

Mustard For Camel Coats

Wearing mustard with camel coats is a fabulous way to team up with historical buildings here in Tuscany.

mustard spring leather coat and backpack

Wrapped Camel Coats

I find for larger women opt for a coat that wraps around your body with a woollen belt. They look slim and feel better around bigger breasts ad tummies. Again opt for as many try on’s until you are happy with your travel coat. It can also be sued in the plane as a very stylish blanket.